The Evil We Fear ▼ A Brimstone Academy novel #1

The Evil We Fear ▼ A Brimstone Academy novel #1

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Category: Fantasy
▼This is where monsters are made, in an academy built into the edge of the world▼

Brimstone academy is home to the children of the damned. Home to Nyx Ciar.

As the half breed children of demons, students must prove that they deserve their place on the living plane by joining one of the three houses of the academy upon completing their final year.

Those blessed with the gifts of a mage will join house Magis, the elusive pickpockets and thieves fight for a place in house Fures and the assassins of the academy belong to house Sicariorum.

This year the rules have changed. As Nyx and her peers ascend into their chosen houses, a year before their time, questions best left unanswered begin to circulate the walls of the academy. What happened to the teams that came before them and will the same fate befall her and her house?

With demon hunters tracking their every move, training sessions threatening to tear them apart and Lucifer himself releasing armies of demons into their world, it's not a question of if they will make it, it's a question of what will kill them first.


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