The Emptiness She Holds

The Emptiness She Holds

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Blaire knight had just got released from juvie
she had killed her abusive ex boyfriend
no one believed her when she tried defending herself

when she finds out her mother is getting remarried and she will have 5 new step brothers right on the day she is going to get released shes not all ectastic

shes not the same girl she was before she was taken to juvie

her eyes now cold and emotionless a shadow of who she used to be would occasionally pass by

Shes different
A girl whose soul turned dark and now all she knows is violence,death and blood.

The only person she shows the slightest amount of warmth for is her mother

can her new family get her back or will she learn to hate them?

(YO I GET NEW IDEAS TO CONTINUE THE PLOT SO IF YOU'VE READ the first few chapters I might have changed some things)

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