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A world where six elements exists. Water, Fire, Lightning, Air, Earth and Ice were the Elemental powers given by the Goddess of Nature to humans for saving the heaven and hell from destruction. But the elementals fought with each other, greedy to have more powers. However, when their world is in danger, will they truce? Will they come together to end the danger?

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J-hope X Reader

Started: 29/05/2021
Finished: 27/09/2021

A @snoehit Fanfic

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Salam alaikum everyone who is reading my book i wrote this book to everyone who is muslim and wants a islamic book to read. My book is all about islam it is interesting and i will try to make it a good book to read and i will try to update it as fast as i could. if you have any ideas or comments to improve my book i will accept it by the way any one who reads this i appreciate it and thank you for choosing my book.

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Bridge Gaps in Your Leadership Skills with Leadership Assessment Solution

Want to improve your leadership skills to the best of your abilities? Check out this article and follow these critical tips for leadership enhancement. For more information, please visit

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My dreams and beyond ~ A my hero academia reader fic

Firstly This is a my hero academia fic. Also this is basically a reader were you the reader is inserted into the mha world, and I may end up making it a xreader but I don't know for sure who you'll end up to give me suggestions of what love squares or triangles you want. And remember I'm taking requests for how you'd like the story to go. So it'll kinda be like a my hero boys x reader! But this story it basically about you going on a journey to achieve your dreams of being a hero despite of what others think. And in the mist of this you'll find yourself tangled up in a messy situation between the boys of UA. On the way you'll make friends, lovers, and maybe even enemies. Hope you enjoy.I also DO NOT own My Hero Academia nor do I own the cover art which I think (but I'm not totally sure) belongs to Angela Elliott on

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And that's the thing about illicit affairs

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