The Duke's Wife {Wallflower #1}

The Duke's Wife {Wallflower #1}

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Category: Historical
When the Hemmingway's go into debt, their only hope out of their dilemma is their daughter, Rhea. Rhea realizes the situation and immediately agrees to help her parents. But marriage? Not what she hoped for, especially when she had become known to the ton as a Wallflower. When it comes time for Rhea to meet her future beloved, she's shocked at how intense their bond is.
Although Hadrian Vale abruptly refuses to marry the girl, he immediately has a change of heart when he meets her. But somebody has held a grudge against the Vale's, and soon Hadrian finds that his wife is being victimized for it. Can he protect the woman that he promised to cherish, in sickness and health? And maybe even the woman he's come to love?

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