The Doll Garden

The Doll Garden

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Category: Mystery
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The Harrington family was what everyone in the picturesque town of Runswick, Rhode Island aspired to be, until their eldest child Jenna, tumbled down a flight of stairs, leaving her with little to no memories, including the distinct screams of women from her father's garden.

And these vague, yet disturbing childhood memories soon become reality when the three Harrington siblings are forced to return to the estate six years later; where she finds the preserved, doll-like remains of three women, one of which resembles Jenna to an uncanny extent.

Now, Jenna is forced to question everything about her childhood up to that night. But time is ticking as her family's dark past comes into play. And it isn't until she spots a woman roaming the garden with her lips sewn shut, that she realizes all the painful truths behind her father's estate starts with her look-alike, Marisol.


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