The Distance Between Us (Book Two ✓)

The Distance Between Us (Book Two ✓)

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Category: Romance
"It's you and me and fuck everyone else, right?"




The day Beau Lewis came stomping into the coffee shop those few years ago changed everything for Emma Carter. Now that he's returned, their love burns as passionately as ever, but everything else in Emma's world has changed. A college grad ready to take on the world, Emma knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.

While Beau seems to have made changes for the better, will he be able to resist when temptation calls his name? And more than that, will Emma be able to trust him?

With so many obstacles stacked against them, can Emma and Beau keep their relationship alive?

Text copyright ©kjobrien™ 2020

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Check out the third installment: Back to Me, out now!

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