The Disabled Omega That Soothes the Top Alpha

The Disabled Omega That Soothes the Top Alpha

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A disabled Omega who used top Alpha as a pacifier. As a little Omega with a congenital gland defect, Lin Nuo has always been inferior. As an Omega, he can't be marked, and pheromones can't attract any Alpha. But he secretly liked his captain. On the night the team disbanded, Lin Nuo broke the boat and confessed to Alpha, who he had liked for 3 years. As a result, the gentle person said to him the words "you are not worthy". Although the ending had been predicted, it still made him sad for a long time. After flying solo, he had no resources and was ready to be terminated, but was suddenly brought to Lu Yan. It is rumored that Lu Yan's 5s-level Alpha has a cruel and cold-blooded heart under his gentle appearance. But no one knew that the doctor had decided early on that he would never be in love with anyone in his life. There was no Omega in this world that could resist his overly powerful pheromone mark, and his final outcome was very likely to suffocate himself to death! Until, Omega with the fragrance of hibiscus broke into his world, and from then on, his black and white world became more colorful. It's just that the Omega he likes actually likes others, hehe! At first Lin Nuo thought that Lu Yan was just keeping him as a pet, and would tease him when he had nothing to do, until one night, when he was held by a man, he questioned him over and over again: "Who do you like now? ?" The fierce and powerful golden lion made a hunting gesture, as if his throat would be torn apart if his answer was slightly off. Lin Nuo cried: "You, I like you the most now!" Top suspected sex, cold, light attack vs inferiority complex, soft and cute. Shuangjie, 1vs1, sweet pet. Ps: 1. In the early stage, I liked others, but was rejected. 2. When you are in front of someone you like, the pheromone will become sweet. 3. Shou can be marked because President Lu is strong enough!


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