The Devil's Forbidden Love ||Jk FF||

The Devil's Forbidden Love ||Jk FF||

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"The lord of Hell and Innocent fairy"

Jeon Jungkook, a name that could tremble down the whole heaven. A devil, who had nothing to lose, and not just an ordinary lord, he was the lord of evil creatures, the owner of the great hellfire who had the capacity to burn down every immortals and mortals with just a single flame.

When he was finally sealed through all of the god's spirit power, the world went peaceful and relaxing until everything turned down when a clumsy fairy passed by the tower where the Devil was sealed and accidentally awakened him.

The heaven gained their fear back, the devil wasn't sane at all but the obsession he had for that little fairy grew without him realising, and then he became more insane.

Contains forced, smut and triggering scenes {18+}

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