The Death of a Time Viewer (COMPLETED)

The Death of a Time Viewer (COMPLETED)

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Category: Fantasy
Morgianna Salieri is an average girl. She makes good grades, never gets in trouble, and works hard in her martial arts. Everything is normal except, she has been able to see how much time a person has left if she looks at them with her left eye.
She was born with one red eye and one that from a distance looks gold, however, on closer inspection it looks like an antique clock.
One day after class while walking home with her best friend she watches as all her time disappears as a truck heads right for her. Without thinking twice she pushes her friend out of the way trading her places.
What should have been her end became her new beginning as she wakes up in a world where magic and beasts are around every corner.
I own none of the pictures^ but the story is my own.

The cover was made by @Danielixx

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