The Dark Ages: Convergence (Prequel to the P.O.E. Chronicles)

The Dark Ages: Convergence (Prequel to the P.O.E. Chronicles)

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Category: Science Fiction
*This story is the prequel to the P.O.E. Chronicles and will reveal some mystery in the novel (think Star Wars). If you want to read chronologically, go ahead, otherwise, read Evolution first*

Before there was peace, there was chaos.
Before there were Citybases, there were Ruins.
Before there was UGE, there were remnant governments, each with their own agenda.
Before there were P.O.E.s, there were rogue mutants with no disciple or training.
But in chaos, order will converge.
And in darkness, light will emerge.

All Akram ever knew was the darkened streets of the ruin that was London, all he knew was to stay hidden, scavenge things and trust no one. His grandfather loved to tell him of The Time that Had Been, where food was abundant and strangers kind to each other. When his sister was kidnapped and found, the truth behind her abduction set off a chain of events that had him running to Paris in hope of finding his estranged family with a girl and powers beyond what he could comprehend. Little did he know that it was only the beginning of his story, the story of the Originals.

Cover: @Kitkattish

*I have made a few changes in the published version of the Evolution, which resulted in some deviation from the first draft I posted on Wattpad.*

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