The daily life of a female secretary in the 1970s

The daily life of a female secretary in the 1970s

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Category: General Fiction
Author: Gong An
Genre: Modern Emotions
Status: Completed

Copy: Everyone says that Mu Rou is a lucky girl. She was transferred to the factory as a secretary right after graduating from college. She is also beautiful, and her parents are both full-time workers. The threshold of her family is almost trampled by matchmakers.
Mu Rou also thinks so, especially since she is going to have a blind date with Xu Jiachuan, the young factory director that everyone wants to marry.
Later, Mu Rou had a dream.
She dreamed that she and Xu Jiachuan got married, but their married life was a mess.
Her father was also defrauded of all his family property because he went into business, and the originally happy family became miserable.
Mu Rou woke up and broke out in a cold sweat.
She took out her professional certificate neatly: "Dad, let me help you do business."
Unexpectedly, Mu Rou later found resources and gathered connections to help her father open the largest local winery, and the famous wine was sold overseas, making herself a rich second generation.
The matchmaker was very puzzled by Mu Rou's refusal to go on a blind date, "Our Director Xu has good looks, strong work ability, and good interpersonal relationships. What exactly are you dissatisfied with?"
Mu Rou: "It's easy for him to have an affair because of his good looks, and he usually doesn't care about his family because of his strong work ability. It's easy for him to be a scapegoat because of his interpersonal relationships. I am not satisfied with any of them."
Xu Jiachuan passing by:?
Mu Rou, who had belittled the man, was transferred to Xu Jiachuan's factory to be his secretary in a blink of an eye.
Mu Rou: "..."

• This is purely MTL novel { this is not edited, so there will be grammatical errors, incorrect pronouns or words so please read it with caution}
• I do not own the story nor the cover.
• For Offline Purpose Only so please do not report or vote, Just Read. Thank you

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