The Cure (Book One of The Golden Eyes Trilogy)

The Cure (Book One of The Golden Eyes Trilogy)

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Category: Action
Nova is a badass.

She's not only a talented zombie slayer-she's tough, ruthless, and a downright bitch. But she loves who she is, and she wouldn't change herself for the world.

Trying to survive the apocalypse with her best friend until they make it to Australia-the last safe place on Earth-is their only goal.

Nova knows they can make it now that she has enhanced speed and strength and dramatically improved senses after dying from a bite and coming back to life as an immune superhuman.

She just needs the Fates to send someone who can sail or fly them to their destination.

And then the Fates do send someone.

Along with a man named Finn.

She can't help but to like him and for the crazy world they live in he makes her feel-well-normal.

The plan is to get to Australia. It's the last safe place in the world and Nova truly believes she is the cure that will save the human race.

But they have to go through Savages out for blood, new and different types of Zombies, an insane man and his army, and a three month boat ride to the safe lands.

Hopefully they make it all in one piece.

Read on to find out if they do.

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Lacey Harper is in love with her brother's best friend, Adonis Grayson, who is also the lead singer of a famous band. When she is faced with a life changing situation, it rocks everyone close to her including Adonis and she discovers nothing is simple in life or love. *****Lacey Harper is in love with Adonis Grayson, but he only sees her as the younger sister of his best friend. She has tried everything to get over him, but the heart wants what it wants. How is she supposed to move on when he is the lead singer in a band and his photo is plastered across every magazine? It's only when she has to navigate a serious life experience does she discover nothing is simple, even when everything she has ever wanted is within her grasp.
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The Alpha King is My Mate?

*Completed but needs editing**I DO NOT GIVE ANYONE/COMPANY PERMISSION TO USE THIS BOOK ON OTHER WEBSITES, THIS IS WRITTEN BY ME ON WATTPAD ONLY, IF YOU SEE IF ANYWHERE ELSE IT HAS BEEN STOLEN*sabella was abandoned at birth, just left outside a pack house door on the steps in a hopes that the pack that lived there wouldn't kill her on the spot for being an imposter. This wasn't the case, the old Alpha of the pack took pity on the baby and took her in, although he raised her as his own when he died she fell into the bottom ranks of the pack because she never truly belonged, Isabella thought she wouldn't never be loved or respected until she met the Alpha of all Alpha's: The Alpha King.

"You'll never catch me committing to no hoe."
Ghost Town- Not everything is how it seems

After a long day of work Brian and Derek leave but what they encounter is nothing they could ever imagine.


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