The Cuddling Game

The Cuddling Game

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'The Cuddling Game is easy. Cuddle with your special someone for as long as possible. Why? To win $10K! Rules are simple. You must always be touching your partner. No separating for ANY reason. Bring any meds and items you need throughout the day to the contest. This event will take place on Saturday, May 27th and will last until there is one couple left! So if you have a special someone you want to spend an entire day in bed with, feel free to sign up for this fun contest! See you then!'

Abigail Michaels wasn't too thrilled to hear about a contest dedicated to cuddling. Until she heard about the prize of $10K.
When her uptight boyfriend, Jonathan Mathers, refuses to participate in such a foolish waste of time, Abby is left to dream of winning that money.
Or is she?

Highest Ranking:
#432 in ChickLit (12/3/17)
#343 in ChickLit (12 /6/17)
#335 in ChickLit (12/8/17)
#278 in ChickLit (12/9/17)
#256 in ChickLit (12/10/17)
#215 in ChickLit (12/11/17)

#1 in College Romance 8/17/18

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