The Criminal's Rose

The Criminal's Rose

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Category: Romance
"Mich... Michael! No, this is not right. Go away." Rose shook her head while stepping back.
Ignoring her words, Michael walked forward till he caged Rose between the wall and his hard body.
"Mich..." Rose tried to say something but Michael put his finger on Rose's lips stopping her from saying anything.
"Don't talk. Stay still." His tone was commanding. Michael held Rose's hands on her either side and brought his face closer to Rose.
"P-please." Rose managed to say and the next moment her eyes widened when his lips touched the crook of her neck.


She is naive. He is a criminal.
She is Rose. He is a thorn that could find around her.
Her world is depressed. His life is joyful, but deep down, he is also depressed in another way.

Two broken souls. One love that is covered with a layer of trust.

Will they both fix eachother? Or get broken again?

☆The story of lies, love and mystery.
☆Slow building romance.

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