The Clusters of Thoughts (Poetry)

The Clusters of Thoughts (Poetry)

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❝ Giggles erupted past my mouth,
Lies slithered past your tounge.
Our relationship soon headed south
Then the truth sung.❞

•┈••✦ 🖤 ✦••┈••┈••✦ 🖤 ✦••┈••┈••✦ 🖤 ✦••┈••┈••✦ 🖤 ✦••┈••┈••✦ 🖤 ✦•••┈••✦ 🖤 ✦••┈•

These poems express raw human emotions in many different scenarios. Romace, hearbreak, loneliness, etc are all expressed in this book. It is time to unwind and unravel to marvel at the mystical world of poetry, through this book. Scholers, ballerinos, ex-lovers and many more and awaiting to tell us their tale, come along! Make yourself comfy, because this is a unpredictable ride, written by a VERY unpredictable poet.

#1 in poetry (2/6/2024)
#1 in motivational (9/6/2024)
#1 in random poems (9/6/2024)
#1 in substance usage (9/6/2024)

Disclaimer: This book contains sensitive topics such as de@th, substance usage and b100d. Although, nothing too explicit, if you are triggered by such topics, please click off!

Note: The pictures used in the clusters, are not mine. They rightfully belong to the owners.

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