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The Camp // Nickloon

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Category: Romance
Nickel and Balloon, both seniors in high school, typically put up with each other for the sake of their mutual friends Baseball, Suitcase, and Bot. However, a fight lands them together at a behavioural camp, separated from their best friends. They are forced to spend time together, they discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.

The individuals sent to this behavioural camp include Nickel, Balloon, Yin Yang, Fan, Test Tube, Lightbulb, Paintbrush, Microphone, Taco, Knife, Trophy, along with their literature teacher, Silver Spoon, and school counsellor, Candle. Lifering, being the camp counsellor/manager.

This fanfic will include the following ships


slight Knifloon (for angst)
slight Knifan

And the friendship dynamic of Taco, Microphone, Knife and Trophy, maybe suggested shipping.

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