The Boy Who Couldn't Grow Up

The Boy Who Couldn't Grow Up

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|~1~| Eden Walseworth has finally returned to London, ready for her long-awaited reintroduction to society. On the cusp of being labeled a spinster by the ton, she's reluctantly thrust into the season by her overbearing older brother and spiteful aunt. Just as her chances of avoiding a loveless marriage appear bleak, an unexpected request for help from an old family friend presents a glimmer of hope. Seizing the opportunity to lessen her matrimonial prospects, Eden agrees-only to discover that the family in need includes none other than Benedict Bridgerton, a man with whom she has no intention of being civil.All rights of characters go to Julia Quinn (apart from the Walseworths).

❝ why are you laughing?we're literally fucked. ❞❝ it's just funny how youthought we wouldn't getcaught. ❞a three-time grammy winnerand a rising football star. theirpaths were never supposedto intertwine. especiallyconsidering the fact thatthe last time they were in thesame place at the same time,they didn't even make eyecontact.chris had always had a crushon america's sweetheart. whodidn't? lucky for chris though,his social media post from monthsprior came to haunt him in the bestway possible. an interview wherehe shamelessly talks about his crushgoes viral and odessa sees it. alessia, totally over her ex, decides to finally go for someone more her type, and slides into chris' dms. as their online banter turns into something more, they have to figure out how to handle each other, fame, and their own dreams. unfortunately,their reputations just complicate thingsa whole lot more.❝ big reputation, big reputationooh, you and me, we'd be a big conversation ❞STARTED 10 / 31 / 2023.CHRIS STURN X FEMOC
∂εғιηε ∂εsιяε

"I hate you." I sniffle, my unleashed tears burning behind my eyes and threatening to spill over."No you don't. In fact, it's quite the opposite, isn't it? At least, that's what you admitted just a few second ago." He smirks at me, his long legs striding over to me at a painfully slow pace, his cat-like eyes watching me with obvious amusement."I do." I glare at him. "I hate you because you won't listen to me when I tell you how much you mean to me. I hate you because every bit of hurt I feel is because of you. I hate you because your more freaking pretty than I am, and I'm the girl!" my sniffles become louder as I continue. "I hate you because your perfect - too perfect. I hate you so freaking much because everything I've ever wanted is you!""You don't mean that."'See?" I point out. "You deny everything - every single thing! You care for me as much as I care for you, don't you?" I wipe my nose with the back of my hand. "Your just in denial.""I'm not in-"Life is seriously screwed up when the woman has to make the first move. So, being the confident and sexy woman I am, I strut over to him with a determined glare, my stance tense and rigid.And before I give myself - or him - the time to back away, I step onto his toes to give me a height-boost and grip the sides of his face, bringing his head down to my reach and crushing my lips against his.And that, lady's and gentleman, is how you kiss a vampire.~-~Meet Nicole Rosabelle. A witty, passionate, cunning, confident, adventurous, red-head. To her, vampires only exist on a sheet of white paper that belongs in a book at the library.But even though these mythical creatures don't exist in her world, she can't help but be undeniably fascinated by them. But isn't that like every other vampire-addicted female? Perhaps not. When Nicole meets dark and brooding Abe Parke, things take a twist in her already not-so-normal world.~-~Copyright©
Sea Of Treason, Pirate's Bluff #1

When Whitley winds up on the top of a pirate hit-list thanks to her con-artist father, she must hide her identity and board another pirate ship, trusting in one shape-shifting pirate named Bluff to help her escape. Too bad you can never, ever, trust a pirate.
Reincarnated as a Binibini

REINCARNATED SERIES #01Isabelle loves reading books, especially novels. One time, she read a famous novel called 'Grow Old with You'. Isabelle was betrayed by her sister for stealing her ex-boyfriend but what if Isabelle died in her sister's hand? But at the same time, her sister also died. On the other side. Isabella Montenegro was accidentally hit her head to a tree, causing her own death, stupid right? But what if the soul of Isabelle was transferred to Isabella's body? In short, she reincarnates into Isabella's body! The antagonist in the story of 'Grow Old with You'.What will she do? She will accept her faith or not?"I'm the Antagonist but suddenly... I become the Protagonist." ─ Isabella Montenegro.Most Impressive Ranking#1 Thrilling#1 Taglish#1 Badass#1 Vegeance#2 Tagalog-english#3 TagalogPLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!PS : the illustration in the cover photo is not mine, credits to the real owner. [@pinterest]© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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Meet our protagonist, "Reyansh Singh Rajvanshi", Crowned king of Rajasthan, Dashing Raana sa with a heart filled with Sweetness yet Coldness, one glare and you'll leave this world, holding powerful authority.Meet our Raani sa "Amyra Sharma" whose life was full of ups and downs but still smile never leave her face. An arranged marriage story."I know you don't love me and you'll behave cold with me" , she whispered." Who said these things to you Amu I know we need time to know each other and we have to spend our life together why I will behave cold with you hmmm", he said."I read it in the novel", she said.He laughed whole heartedly and she admire his laugh.
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After the events of Pokemon XY&Z, Serena decides to go to Kanto with Ash to compete in Pokemon contests. While they're in Pallet Town, however, they meet a 28-year-old trainer named Timothy who forms a rivalry with Ash and challenges him to compete in the Indigo League again. Thus, with Serena's permission, Ash joins Serena on her journey through the Kanto region. Along the way they come across Ash's traveling companions as Serena competes in Pokemon contests and Ash rechallenged the gym where he didn't earn his badge properly.But unknown to Ash and his friends, Timothy, his Raichu, Electchu, and his best friend, Coovers from the International Police, are on a mission to go through the Battle Frontier in order to find Brandon who may have found the Gieldanstone: a white jewel that makes Arceus itself obey the will of anyone who holds it. The two men and the Raichu are attempting to retrieve the Gieldanstone before Team Rocket gets it and uses it for their ultimate plan to finally control all Pokemon and rule the world.For the sequel, The Road to our Destiny II: The Galar Adventures, here's the link: rankings: #1 Amourshipping #1 pokemontrainer#1 pokemontraineroc#1 pokemonadventures#3 ashketchum#2 Serena#6 kanto

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I took in a deep breath and repeated slowly, "Who are you? And where am I?"I raised an eyebrow in question. Composing myself, I imitated his posture, crossing my arms over my chest.Without hesitation, he took a step toward me while I surprisingly stood my ground. His voice was smooth as whisky when he said the most bizarre thing,"Welcome to Hell, Angel."***Diana Rose finds herself in a very unusual version of Hell after a tragic accident. Little did she know, all her fears would come alive in the form of the only subject she always dreaded the most.If MATH on Earth wasn't quite enough for you, well, the horrors have just begun.***~ unscheduled updates ~

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A fake honeymoon, a missing step-sister, and an island paradise with danger around every corner. For the past eight years, Sydney Davis has been living a lie. Just when she starts to enjoy her comfortable life in a gated city, her step-sister, Callie, is taken right in front of her. Desperate for answers, the recent college graduate turns to the mysterious man who witnessed the attack. Luke Artino works for an off-the-record organization that specializes in preventing human trafficking in hopes that someday, he'll forget about the one he couldn't save. When his boss finds Callie on a resort island in the Caribbean, Luke volunteers to go. All he needs to do now is find a partner.With Sydney's unrelenting determination and language skills that could be helpful on the mission, Luke reluctantly brings her along. The two pose as newlyweds at the private resort, but the constant surveillance forces them to grow closer than either was prepared for. As the mystery of Callie's disappearance grows more complicated, so do their feelings for each other.If they can't learn to trust each other, they might not make it off the island alive.

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Julie and The Phantoms Instagram

What do you think would happen if three ghosts from the 90's got Instagram? Find out by reading this story.

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Accidents Happen

What happens when Percy and Annabeth get into a horrible car accident? Will they be okay? Will the accident bring them even closer together? Or will it tear them apart?

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Jason the Jealous

This was going to just be a collection of my fav one shots of Jason getting embarresed. I soon started to create a plot, so there are going to be some MAJOR changes!-pinkpopsara❤️

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Tomoe's First Adventures ( Revised )

Tomoe is the Second most powerful demon in the world, He's feared and hunted, but what happens when his life crashes around him and he is taken in by a god he knows nothing about?And what does he do when he becomes this gods familiar, will he survive from Demon to familiar? From Heartless to heartful? Can a demon change his life around? Or is he forever doomed to fail?Can Tomoe lower his attitude? And find who he truly is? Find out in Tomoe's First Adventures, The rewritten and Revised Version.Note:" This is NOT Yoai. It is a family story, There is a second book which is TomoeXNanami; this is before that.

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