The Billionaire Casanova in Love

The Billionaire Casanova in Love

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"Why? I know it's not that you actually care about me. Then why? Tell me." I demanded looking down.

"Be MINE, Caroline" he said. I always loved the way my name rolled on his tongue. I saw him coming towards me as I took small steps backwards until my back hit the wall. I could see his face getting closer to mine to reach my lips.

Caroline Brook is the daughter of a wealthy business man. She has it all, looks, beauty, intelligence, money-of course! She's a true believer of LOVE. She lived a carefree life until a tragedy strikes hard.

Daniel Rochester is one of the richest business man in New York City. He's the perfect definition for a Casanova. He never was a relationship kind of guy. And he rather chose to believe in one night stands.
What happens when circumstances make these completely opposite people meet? Is there going to be an explosion of volcano of hatred or rain of love?
Are they gonna make it together till the end?

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