The Big League - Drew Starkey

The Big League - Drew Starkey

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"You did it dude. You're in the big league now."

"What makes you say that?"

"You're literally hanging out with Drew fucking Starkey."


Mallory is a college student who moves to Los Angeles to complete an internship for her last semester. Alone in a big city, she wonders how she's ever going to make it on her own. Until a time comes where she doesn't have to.

Drew Starkey, America's current heartthrob, lives in Los Angeles with some of his closest friends. Having no interest in being in a relationship, his mind immediately changes when a blonde beauty runs into him.

Life is crazy, and the two people don't realize that until they run into each other, changing their lives forever.

*I do NOT own any rights or names related to the Netflix show Outer Banks. This is just a fictional story for fun*

~COVER BY @dummysciles

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