The Betrayed Blacksmith

The Betrayed Blacksmith

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You were Rias's second Knight, and someone she saw as a younger brother, up until you are deemed too weak to serve her.

So one night while your killing a stray Kiba suddenly stabs you in the gut.

Once the sword and pieces are removed everyone reveals their true feelings about you.

Akeno thought you were cute, but you never responded to her flirting so she thought you were a coward.

Kiba said you insult the term Knight and that he never saw you as anything but a failure.

Koneko didn't care ether way, she just wanted to go home.

Asia and Issei didn't know you that well so they didn't care.

And Rias... she thought you had a powerful gear and she wanted that power. So when you stopped growing stronger you were no longer needed.

And like that they left you to die in a old blacksmith shop.

That is till the forge flared to life and the flames consumed you and the building, never to be seen again.

I don't own Fate, Highschool DxD, or any images I use.

All rights to their respective owners.

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