The Best Thing (Stevens Book 8)

The Best Thing (Stevens Book 8)

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Category: Romance
Beth Stevens had visited River Moss Plantation when she was nineteen on a fact-finding mission. There she met Wyatt Ramsey of the River Moss Plantation Ramseys. They had been trapped together overnight, a night that had ended in a kiss. It was a kiss that had haunted Beth for over five years. Now, she was back at River Moss Plantation as the historical researcher for her uncle, Mason Stevens's, new movie. Would she meet Wyatt again? Would he remember her and their kiss when she had her beautiful movie star sister, Mave, and family friend Katherine stealing the limelight?

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A bungo stray dogs story where you are Furina from Genshin impact (! Not my original idea !)

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"Can we please start over?" He said tilting his head to the side as his hands dug deep in his pockets.I would love to, my heart said. No, my Brain countered. Falling in this all over again? You wanna fall week again? Plus, he has a girlfriend, my heart can't handle that.I shrug, "Hopefully we could, but I don't think am up for it," "But I thought you forgave me," he says his forehead forming worry lines."Yes, I did. It doesn't change that. But as I said before, I don't wanna start anything with you," You are committed damn it. And I still love you. I can't break my heart by seeing you with someone else. "I will keep trying though," he smiled walking back to sit in the car. I stared at the car till it drove by.// Between their past things and present flings, what will they choose!? //ยฐยฐยฐ(A fanfiction and can be read as a stand alone)ยฐยฐยฐRanking-#1 in darshanravaldz on 21-06-2020 , 11-07-2020

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I do these kinds of things in my spare time 's all.

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The whole camp was filling with smoke. I coughed, praying that my lungs would keep working for just a few more minutes. "Eli, which way is west?" Adam's breathing was just as labored from physical exertion, smoke, and panic as mine was.I didn't even process the question. I didn't know. We couldn't see anything through the smoke because the fire was spreading so quickly, and I just realized I'd forgotten my walkie-talkie. "Don't know!" I answered. Adrenaline was the only thing that kept my feet going. I knew we'd come in the East Gate, and if the cells were in the center, then if we kept going straight, we were going to find the gate any second. "Keep straight!" I instructed. I saw his head bob slightly, acknowledging my delayed direction. Then Adam cried out beside me, and I stopped short. I reached for his body involuntarily as he pitched forward, nearly causing him to take me down with him. My left hand was soaking wet from where it had landed on his shoulder. I winced as I tried to steady him, not daring to look at what I knew would be a pool of blood in my hand. โ˜Now that they have a new ally on their side, they're looking to change the United States for good. At some point, they want every camp freed and every teenager home safe. But each new camp brings an endless supply of new challenges. Things are beginning to spin out of control.Follow each of them as they discover who they are, who they love, and more of their country's secrets than they could ever dream of in a thrilling trilogy told from all five points of view.

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