The Beast's Possession [ON GOING...]

The Beast's Possession [ON GOING...]

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Category: Romance
*Previously known as YOU ARE JUST MINE!♥*

Alizey Tariq. An 18-year-old university girl, the apple of everyone's eyes, the best daughter, not only an amazing sister to two handsome brothers but also a funny friend to two silly and stupid soulmates.

Khizer Shahid. A 23- years-old handsome mafia mob, a dominating and domineering businessman too who runs billions of companies all around the world. As a handsome man he is, girls love to drool at him but he gives a damn to them. As he was grown up without the love and care a kid needs as his parents were murdered by him (ACCORDING TO HIM!), it turned him into a cold-hearted beast.

What happens when Khizer is forced to pick up his friend's sister from her university with no intention of falling in love? What happens when he sets his eyes on an innocent 18 years old girl who was lost in her own world, and he vows himself to make her his either by hook or by crook, by love or by hatred!

What happens when secrets are revealed, when tears are shed, when love starts blooming, when hatred starts swelling, when hopes are crushed, when ruthlessness vanishes, when betrayal is faced, when the reality is exposed and most of all when complaints and pains reach their peaks?

What happens when the stony-hearted beast is hell-bent to make a childlike beauty his possession?

Will they both be able to fall in love and cope up with each other when society tests them and their love?


So stick to an innocent and cry-baby Alizey and a cold-hearted, dominating Khizer's love story where they experience a lot of struggles, pains, and most of all LOVE!


-This is my own story, my own work and my own hard struggle; please don't copy my work! It is my possession ;)-

-You all have the ability to write your own stories, go grab your mobiles and start writing!-

-If I see anyone copying my work, I will have to take strict actions against them :( -


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