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"What the hell did you do!?" I heard a feminine voice behind me. I groaned and turned around to meet a very angry face. I have never seen a girl this pissed before and honestly speaking, I am a little bit afraid.

"She knew what she was getting into. Everyone knows I am player and I never stick to one girl." I shrugged and turned around to walk away. I didn't even take one step when I felt a firm hand on my t-shirt. She took a fist full of my shirt and turned me around so I was facing her. She then held my collar. Damn, she is almost the same height as me and if I would have been any normal guy, I would be terrified of her.

"You don't treat girls like trash, asshole. She has feelings, she is not some toy that you got bored from after playing for a while. Apologize to her." She said through gritted teeth pointing towards Leah who was crying her eyes out. I noticed the crowd that started forming around us. I shrugged her hand away from my t-shirt and glared at her.

"I will not apologize to anyone." I said slowly through gritted teeth. She is starting to piss me off. No one clashes me and no one stands against me. Even though I am new here, everyone knows that. I saw her eyes go blank and before I could duck, her fist made contact with my face and I felt sharp pain coursing through my nose. I held my nose tight and felt warm liquid flowing to my lips.

Olivia Claire is a 16 year old high scholar. She is a fighter who never took anyone's shit and is famous for it. She mostly minds her own business occasionally helping people that might need her.

Carter Grayson is a 16 year old guy recently transferred to Olivia's high school. Tall, handsome guy with lean figure, hazel eyes, brown hair and smile to die for. He has been known to be a player in his last high school and he plans on continuing that identity.

So, what happens when a typical bad boy clashes with a not-so-nerd bad girl.

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