The Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold

The Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold

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Formerly known as Make a Scene / Aurora (aka Rory), the good girl and Sawyer, the bad boy in school, must overcome the history between their families to discover in each other that they are more than what their parents and the world paints them to be.

Aurora (aka Rory), a good girl on paper, is not poised to win the award for best sister, but she's certainly shooting for the college scholarship that being best in her class will give her.

Enter Sawyer (aka Trouble). The resident bad boy has bathroom stall graffitis dedicated to him. He also has a secret that could put him in danger were it to be discovered.

When the school counsellor pairs them together for Rory to lift up Sawyer's grades, the friction between them will create sparks that will blow up hidden truths between them.

This will end in tears.

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