The Angel's Humanhood

The Angel's Humanhood

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Category: Fantasy
He wasn't born an angel. He worked his way to angelhood. He earned his place among them by centuries of serving God. Only to be assigned the most demeaning jobs of all, counting and reporting human sins.

An endless loathing to lowly humans lead the angel to one sin which wipes away all he has been working for and turns him into the being he despised the most, a human.

On a journey to find his way back up, the angel struggles to cope with all the inconveniences of being human. He doesn't only have to worry about food and shelter, he also finds himself in trouble with all other beings lurking in the shadows unseen by humans and now by him too.

Soon, the angel starts to count his own sins.

Can the Angel find his way back up or will he drown too deep into the sinful life of a human?

[PG-13 - Mention of Alcohol, Violence, Corruption and Suicide]

- New Chapter once a week.
- I am new to Wattpad, so please feel free to give me some constructive feedback; Encouragement and votes (that little star button) would be great too 🥲

#4 Absurd
#5 Theology
#20 Wisdom
#67 Islam

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