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Category: Horror

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სოლარს მამა ყოველთვის ცუდად ექცევა და თავიდან მოსაშორებლად მიყიდის მაფიის ბოს ჯეონ ჯუნქუქსგამოყენებული იქნება-/🔞
Android, Age One

Android, Age One is a science fiction adventure based on a real event.The author created the character, Android, from a child born with agenetic anomaly called leukodystrophy. The trait occurs in the nuclearfamily of the writer.The fictional setting for the story reflects recent studies tracinghuman female mitochondrial cell structures. The studies indicatedall humans living now are descended from as few as two females wholived on earth more than 200,000 years ago.

كلً مننا له فضاء ف أعماقه... َ لكن هل سيظهر القمر و نرى النجوم و الضوء و يمتلئ هذا الفضاء؟!!.لا نعلم ف كله مكتوب و كله مقّدر. 💛
First at Last

Erika Lovet is used to being in the background, always in her sister's shadow. Since she was a child, her parents have always doted on Alice, have always wanted the best for her, while Erika, the other child, is always thought of second, but still expected to be like her sister. So, it's a surprise to everyone when the dashing Prince asks for Erika, and not her sister. Who knew that the only person to notice Erika first, just happens to be the one that every other girl in the land desires?
Tender Love [BxB]

Miles Eaton. A boy who has been verbally abused his whole life. He has always been too hyper for his own good, and has absolutely no filter. His big puppy eyes didn't do much to help him. Calvin Reed. An Alpha who has been searching for his mate for 8 years. He goes to greet the new family in town, and meets his wild mate. Can this angry Alpha provide a hyper boy with tender love?
How To Write A Book

Do you want to write a book but you don't know how? Well, I will help you. I will give you tips on how to write a book.

Narrowly escaping an attack by wolves, Jaylin Maxwell is driven towards the alluring Quentin Bronx. Together, they unleash the beast inside Jaylin's heart. ***** Jaylin Maxwell has a strange relationship with wolves. They've saved his life before, but they're coming after him now. Attacked again, he only survives with the assistance of Quentin Bronx, a handsome man who brings his own wolf to the battle. Quentin is drawn to Jaylin, and despite their romantic tension, Quentin reveals a dangerous truth: there is a monster inside Jaylin, a monster that the wolves of the East are coming for. Under Quentin's guidance, Jaylin learns of his monstrous nature. Struggling to gain power over his body, and over his heart as he falls for the alpha protecting him, Jaylin prepares for the ultimate battle against the monsters coming for him-and the one inside himself.[[Winner of the 2018 Fiction Awards!]][[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]
සමමිතික සිත්තම් (ongoing)

ආදරේ කියන්නෙ හුත්තක්. එච්චරයි __සිතුම් ආකාෂ් ෆ්‍රනෑන්ඩෝ

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I know some of you maybe Latrice

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SAMPLE ONLY! Lovely Liaison (Book 2 Of Girls In Suits Series)

SAMPLE ONLY! Read it now only on Galatea.Zoey Curtis was unemployed for a month before she got hired by Rufus, who was the infamous Julian Hawksley - CEO of the Hawksley Holding Inc. Chicago branch, personal assistant. Zoey thought she was getting hired for a generic secretarial job, not actually being the new PA for Julian Hawksley himself. And based on the gossip magazine she'd read, Julian was the kind of man Zoey labeled as walking sexual harassment.As for Julian, he wasn't aware his favorite wingman was leaving him. When Rufus introduced him to his replacement, there were two things that crossed his mind. One, she was HOT. And two, she could be a pain in the ass with her rigid and serious attitude.With clashing personalities, interest, and opinion, will the tension between them lead to something more?From the Girl in Suit series, Lovely Liaison is the second book after Beautiful Mistake.

74.7K 7 1K

Вот такие у меня летние каникулы.... Жизнь изменилась полностью!

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A New Life

Atsushi Nakajima lived an awful life at the Orphanage but what if someone adopted him while he was young? A woman with hair as white as snow and eyes a startling silver and a man who cares for orphans far to much with rust coloured hair and dark eyes. They save Atsushi, they give him a home, a chance to live and a job. A very important one. Even reapers need apprentices.

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just a very normal group chat between some friends.that is, if you call one direction normal./҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕖𝕕: 𝕗𝕖𝕓 𝟚, 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟡

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Something I decided to write so I remember how I felt today-

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Книга про 16-ти летного парня ,которого избаловала жизнь и конечно его богатые родители...А ,что будет если в его жизни появиться ,то,что сможет его изменить.

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Нямам обяснение.Просто насложих всичко, което ми беше в главата в този момент и го публикувах.

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Disastrous life of Bts (Bts x reader) (ON HOLD)

The story has been changed a little. He thought he was in power. He thought that he couldn't be defeated. He thought no one was like him. How wrong he was. He wasn't even close to her level. The chaos and confusion just increased with seven very unlucky or lucky people. Featuring The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. This is more for fun than anything else...I do not own the front cover. Started: 5 July 2020.

2.2K 14 171