The Alphas Mermaid Princess

The Alphas Mermaid Princess

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Category: Werewolf
"Stop!!!!!!!Help!!!!!I screamed Before a large hand had clamped over my mouth,Making me speechless

Before I could cast a spell a sharp sensation hit me in my waist as I cry out

whatever this was it weakened me extremely and it over whelmed my body with a sharp pain

With all my might I threw the hood off my captor to show none other then Ryder Woods

His green piercing eyes glowed through the darkness as I gasped

"Ryder"I whispered as he took the needle out of me

He smirked"Hey baby"He coos into my ear

My eyes flutter and I slowly start to loose consciousness

Merina:One of the most powerful mermaid rulers to be.She is next in line to rule Mirovia,But the evil King Austin and his son Prince Dereck Have other plans To force her into marriage and taking over her kingdom.She is forced to go on land into hiding with her 3 brothers,leaving behind her parents,and her kingdom.She never knew that she would fall into the hands of one of the most powerful Alphas,Her Mate.

Ryder is most feared and successful Alpha of The Blood moon pack,He is not one to take no for an answer,Especially not from his new found mate Merina.Will he find out her big secret and will he be able to protect her from Austin and derecks clutches?

See for yourself ;)

This book is not finished so please be patient ;)

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