The Alpha's Rejected Mate

The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Category: Werewolf
Sequel to 'The Alpha & The Rogue'.

Scarlett is the daughter of Alpha Noah and Luna Radiance of the Crescent Moon pack. Even though her status is high, people bully her because of her unnatural werewolf weight. Scarlett has been waiting for her soul mate since she was a little girl with pigtails and braces. She was under the impression that he would protect her from all the bullying and help her through it, but when she finds him, he's the one she needs protection from.

Cade is the soon to be Alpha of his father's pack. All he needs now is his mate, but Cade has a dark past and when he finds out that his mate happens to be the sweetest girl on the planet, he knows he has to reject her. What happens when the two meet again and Scarlett is not the obese little girl Cade used to know? Will love ignite? Will the thin line between love and hate be crossed? Or will Scarlett's hate overcome everything.

Credit for the new cover goes to the extremely wonderful XxphoenixflamesxX. Thanks, beautiful. XOXO.

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