The Alpha's Pregnant Mate

The Alpha's Pregnant Mate

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Skylar Rose Montgomery- 18 years old, sun kissed skin, chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, slim figure and long legs. You might think she's your everyday good-looking teen. How wrong can someone be? She's actually a werewolf! Her father is the beta of the Forest Pine Pack.

Zachary Anthony Shaw- 19 years old, well built body, 6'2, pale green eyes, perfect tanned skin, and black shaggy hair. All of these qualities are well known for being owned by a sexy player. He's the alpha of the Silver Moon Pack who are known for their strength and brutality ever since their last alpha died 3 years ago.

What would be in store for them when the Moon Goddess decides to pair them up as mates. Surely there must be trouble ahead for these two.
Just read and find out.

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