The Alpha's Omega [COMPLETED]

The Alpha's Omega [COMPLETED]

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Category: Werewolf
I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't run any further. My aching paws pounded against the hard ground of the forest as I ran further and further from my packs territory. I looked behind my wolf and saw about five other wolves including a giant black wolf that I'm assuming was the Alpha's. I wasn't to sure though because I'd never actually seen his wolf. In fact, I'd never seen any other wolves apart from my own. During fights I was always locked in a cell in the basement so that I was never at risk of getting hurt or worse, killed. I had to stay alive for the sake of the pack. I kept them together, kept them strong; even if it meant being their punching bag. And that's why I'd never ran away till now. Why?

Because I'm an Omega.

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Dear readers,This is my collection of random poems that I've written recently. I hope these poems will catch your interest.
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ALL I WANT In which he thought she was dead. [ The Originals AU Short Story] [ Started: 5/27/17 ] [ Completed: 7/4/22 ]

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Isang grupo ng mga scientists ang naka discover ng cure sa cancer. Akala nila yun na talaga ang cure na makakapagsagip sa mga taong may cancer.Pero nag kamali sila imbis na gumaling ang mga may cancer lalong lumala ang kundisyon nila.Ang akala nilang cure ay siya palang mag bibigay gulo sa mundong kinatatayuan nila ngayon.Bakit? Dahil ang mga naturukan nilang mga pasiyenteng may cancer.Naging mga ZOMBIE

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