The Alpha and the Oracle (The Belesone Pack #1)

The Alpha and the Oracle (The Belesone Pack #1)

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Category: Werewolf
The Alpha of the Belesone Pack, Milo, is stunned to find that the Elders have chosen a mate for him. At nearly twenty years of age, he should have been mated by now, but although he can sense her, she proves elusive. To discover that the Elders have chosen a mate that is not his true mate, the one he is destined to be with, is bad enough. When he discovers that they have chosen Katarina Torlov, the runt of the pack, as his bride, it's beyond a joke, but Milo soon discovers that Katarina is much more than she seems.

*These are the original edits, from pre-publication.*

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Living in Addison Apartments wasn't all that bad... Elizabeth had gotten used to seeing the metal plate on her apartment door reading 401, and listening to Sanity Falls with Larry on a daily basis, but mostly she had gotten used to the emptiness of apartment 402. But when that emptiness is replaced by a new tenant who stirs everything up, it's hard not to be a bit curious... especially if its a boy with a prosthetic face.DISCLAIMER :All characters belong to the amazing Steve Gabry besides Elizabeth.

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