The Alchemist at Hell's Gates

The Alchemist at Hell's Gates

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The Alchemist is considered the most useless of all the 5 classes offered in the Virtual World of 'Hell's Gates'(Warrior, Archer, Mage, Cleric, and Alchemist). Having little to no Combat Skills, and relying on real-world Chemistry Knowledge (a Lost art of sorts,) to make anything more than the most basic potions, they are very rarely seen past the first or second level, because most people change their class after seeing its uselessness. Still, this class allows Sam to spread her literal and proverbial wings as a Chemist and Inventor in a world where such a skill set is actually very valuable! Of course, with the rarity and value of their skills comes a plethora of problems, and most don't last very long at all, but Sam is determined, damn it! Hopefully, being stubborn and lucky in equal portions will be enough to survive and thrive in the world of Hell's Gates?

(((Complete!!! Perhaps there'll be a Book Two if this gets enough attention???)))

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