The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)

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Debut or Die (CH 220+)

[FIXED/FAN TRANSLATION]A student who was preparing for the Civil Service examination for 4th year suddenly found himself in an unfamiliar body 3 years ago.As well as a status window displaying a threat in front of his eyes![Outbreak!] [Status Abnormality: 'Debut or Death' Occurs!] A diary about the transformation of the main character, who was suddenly challenged to be an idol even though he has never been in the industry before due to the sudden threat of death.※Speciality: He used to take and sell idols' data.This work is ONLY a fan translation and not an official translation of Baek Deoksu's web novel, Debut or Die/데뷔 못 하면 죽는 병 걸림.
ဖေဖေလိုးဖို့စပတ်ပါလာတဲ့သားလေး Paid Gp

အပျော်၊အဖြေ။အင်းစက်၊ သားအဖလိုးခြင်း။အပျော်တမ်းဖတ်၍ ခဏတာ‌နဲ့မေ့ဖျောက်ပါ။

fluff and random thingsThis is gonna be an endless book saur enjoy✨The ship is mainly PURINZ
BAD GUY| Yandere Mafia Boss x Reader

⚠️WARNING!⚠️This story you are about to read is intended for readers of age 18+. Ths story will include strong language, blood, gore, violence, slight mentions of sexual themes, and death that some readers may find upsetting and disturbing. If any of these topic disturb or bother you please DO NOT read this! You've been warned...STATUS: Ongoing (Dont own any of these pictures!)My first book so please enjoy my lovely readers~
His Young Mate

"I- I..., I don't understand.." "We were made for each other, we're mates.., although I wasn't expecting my little mate to be this young..." he paused "Yet, I believe... that everything will be fine...." He finished. -----Living in the human world was simple. Yet, good things never last forever in 16 year old Delaney's case. When told about the other side of her life, her parents, her brother, werewolves and, finally the fact she has a mate, she's turned vulnerable to those who may want to harm towards her.Raven is torn by past memories and mishaps as are most people in this world. His attention that was once settled on his alpha work is suddenly stolen by Delaney. The girl that awakens his heart to try again.His Young Mate shows young love within an unexpected couple. Yet in life you can never control where your heart turns.---#1 in Werewolf#1 in Romance---Reader comments: @rosebook29 "This is killing me. Best story I've ever read"@ANNABETH765 "I freaking love this book 👏 👏 👏"@Miss_Blanket "so good!!! I'm crying!"
A Boy named Jeon Vinion

''လူယုတ်မာကောင် အရိုင်းအစိုင်းကောင် ''''ကျုပ်ကိုလက်မပါနဲ့နော်! ကျုပ်လက်ပြန်ပါရင်ခဗျားတင်ပါးတွေစုတ်ကုန်မယ်''strat:Sep 4
Blind and the Beast

Every year a woman is chosen and willingly walks into the Beast King's forest to find fame and fortune through rescue. Belle was not so willing. Her father thought rescue was her best chance at securing a good marriage, but first she has to survive a forest of ferocious Beasts, power hungry men and find a way to be with the one she loves.

Start day _ 16.10.2023End Day_?

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because love. yoonmin

____ il n'y a qu'eux qui compte. ils sont amoureux, et il y a que ça qui compte. - petit os yoonmin.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: What if you were there?

You are Y/N Adney. Will's sister in all but name and blood. You rose in society as a musician and artist, alongside your friend Elizabeth. Then a certain pirate comes around and shakes it up.Disclaimer: The only character I own is Y/N and whatever she does to get herself into problems.Note: This is completed, all three first movies (We'll pretend that the fourth and fifth movies don't exist). I will be editing occasionally. #1 potc #2 jack#1 norrington#1 Caribbean

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Did they make a mistake, like in Jane the Virgin? © Sophie Bale, 2021

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*Znak meseca

Rođena sam u znaku meseca.Tačnije u 0.00,te večeri je mesec bio pun,veče je bilo baš prijatno,za uživanje.Tata je za poklon kupio ogrlicu koja je imala privezak polu meseca.Posle nekoliko dana,kada se mama oporavila,razmisljali su o mom imenu.Sestra,tata,mama,nije im ništa palo na pamet od posebnih imena.Ja sam se igrala u kolevci sa ogrlicom i slučajno mi je ispala iz kolevke.Sestri je odmah sinulo ime Luna.Tako se i sada zovem.Trenutno imam 14 godina,idem u 8 razred osnovne škole.Tamara(sestra)sada ima 18 godina,studira u New York-u.Zivi kod tetke u istoj zgradi.Posećuje nas svakog meseca i kada meni treba pomoć oko učenja.Škola mi ide dobro,imam i prijatelje,tj.najbolju drugaricu.Zove se Ema(15.god.),starija je od mene 1 dan.Nema dečka,kao i ja.Ali zato joj se dopada jedan Mark.Imam dugu plavu kosu,krestenaste oči.Volim da sam moderno obučena i volim zivotinje.Imam sve sto poželim,ali jedino mi fali dečko,mada od 1 razreda se nisam zaljubljivala...To je duga priča.... ~--------------------------------------------------------------~***~--------------------------------------------------------------~ ~Da li će naći dečka? ~Šta će biti sa njenim životom?! Saznajte uz čitanje---------------->

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The First I've Heard of You

Harry and Ginny were in love, engaged even. Then they started fighting. The arguments started out insignificant but with their personalities it was difficult to move past. Finally, they both have had enough and decide to break their relationship off... but not before Ginny gets pregnant. She never tells Harry but flees across the world. What happens when she finally decides to meet her family again, this time with a daughter? Set in canon world, but obviously this isn't canon. The whole plot is pretty out of character for Ginny, but I wanted to explore the idea.

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And the Rumors (Erwin x Levi)

Erwin Smith: Student Council President with a high grade point average. He's "the perfect student" Good grades, Good attendance, Good personality, Athletic, Charming , blessed with good looks and money.Levi Ackerman: A loner who likes it that way, introverted and quiet, organized shorty with anger issues, no one knows much about him aside from rumors. Levi Ackerman is one of the loners prancing through crowds just to get by and get to class on time. No one knows that he lives alone and has little to no money. Erwin is one of those popular rich kids who is kind to everyone. Erwin hears rumors about the "Levi freak" but then gets asked by the principal to try and converse with Levi. Upon finding out the rumors weren't true Erwin is determined to become Levi's friend. No matter how much the other disagrees. Eventually Levi gives in and accepts the others request to be his friend. What he didn't expect was that Erwin was practically his getaway from reality. He didn't expect Erwin to be so dear and important to him in the end. Warnings may include:Mentions of Death Depressive thoughts BullyingInsomnia

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What If Darkstalker Came Back?

Title explains it all.

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Википедия Сансов.

Я захотела писать про различных сансов (и не сансов) и их слияниях и шиппах и ошибках на счёт сансов.Так получилось что у меня нет таких друзей которые прям много знают об андертеиле, а я хочу делиться своим знанием и не знанием.Так же тут будут истории. Кое какие...

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After getting captured trying to hunt the men that raided her camp and killed her people, reader is rescued by Daryl, Glenn and Maggie, who take her with them and to their camp, and soon, reader is going to be surprised to find that the man witht he crossbow, who at first she deemed someone dangerous to keep an eye on, is rather shy and awkward around her, but sweet in his way too, and she can't help but want to get to know him more. Between season 2 and 3.I had a request for a deaf reader and it inspired me to write this mini-series.

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Мы в мире Андертейл

По названию понятно.

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