[The Abnormal Alpha]+(Fiction)+[BL]

[The Abnormal Alpha]+(Fiction)+[BL]

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[The Abnormal Alpha]+(Fiction)+[BL]

[Written By: DTaleD]

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A man died from sleeping pill overdose and didn't know that he had just died.

But he was reborn in a world of Omegaverse as an orphaned child and traversing his new life.

As he grew older, Nile's second gender was revealed to be an Alpha however Nile doesn't act all high and mighty as he was a little docile, gentle, and more, he doesn't show his humanoid animal/creature form as he stayed in human form.

Nile can smell pheromones however he doesn't go in heat and thinks of them as just a nice scent back from earth, except for sexual contact.

And meets companion and friends.

Working hard and earning his way up, Nile gets accepted into a prestigious all Alpha&Omega/Alpha school and Graduate.

This is where his story begins.


[BL Fiction]+[Omegaverse]

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