That time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime restart

That time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime restart

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hello guys this is my first fanfic
if it's bad then feel free to criticize me but I do hope u give me advice if there's a mistake

And I don't own the picture or that time I got reincarnated as a slime story but except the storyline so credit to them.


Rimuru is going back to Time where he First met Veldora to save Shizue but, there are new Allies and new enemies, can Rimuru Survive from a Calamity?, can Rimuru Save Mingyue? And Who is the True Creator of Tensura? And What is Veldanava True Origin?

If you want to know then be sure to read for more extreme details

And I hope u enjoy

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Naruto's parents never died. All 3 Sannin did, and sealed their chakra into Naruto in secret. Naruto has two younger brothers, and two younger sisters. Their names are Menma (10, male), Akihiko (8, male), Lillian (6, female), and Victoria (3, female). Their sole purpose is to distract their parents from Naruto. In fact, Naruto was forgotten as soon as Akihiko was born, so he had to live somewhere else. He met Kurama and built a house in the Forest of Death. Kurama became his only friend, and Naruto even allowed Kurama to come out of his mind. His chakra was still inside Naruto, of course, but he could appear as a human outside of Naruto. Naruto has always had a crush on Sakura, but when Sakura rejected him harshly, Naruto disappears for awhile. That was before the chunin exams. He still isnt seen until during the chunin exams after Sai replaced him, and he allowed Kurama to "take care" of Sakura. No one knows he did it though. Then he decides to try to get his parents to remember him. He fails even after a year, and so, he leaves Konoha for good, instead living with the Akatsuki. What will happen?Warnings:-Yaoi, it will be Itachi x Naruto-Mpreg, male jinjuriki will be able to carry children in a womb-Evil Naruto, why would he remain good when no one has been good to him outside of the Akatsuki and Kurama?-OOC-I dont own Naruto or any other characters from the anime, they belong to their rightful owners.

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Reactions, Short Stories and One Shots of Tensura

This is a reaction to rimuru of his different aus and their backstories.

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