That Girl In Section Monster || COMPLETED ||

That Girl In Section Monster || COMPLETED ||

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Category: Romance
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"You're my moon Thea, if your tired... You're free to find another star." -Nious Quias

"Kada ngiti ko... Naka smile ako." -Nious Quias.

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I have three secrets.1. I'm in the witness protection program. I witnessed my mother's murder when I was eight years old, and now the murderer is after me.2. I can read minds. Or not "read" them... not exactly. But I can feel them. Every emotion has a color. An aura, as I call it. And I can feel those auras. I can feel the color of one's thoughts.3. I can't feel Elijah Whitney's aura.[ COMPLETED - 1.28.16 ][ LATEST REVISION - 8.17.19 ][ SEQUEL COMING FALL 2019 ]
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It's classification day for Riley. he is finally 18 but when he gets his results things turn for the worst quickly when he has to stay with his brother until he gets assigned a Caregiver. Emily is 20 and has been a Mommy without a little for 2 years, she longs for a baby to care for and when she gets assigned to Riley everything changes.Pls read authors note before readingI am a new time writer this is the first book I have published, hope u enjoy ♡.This book got #1 - babyboy!!!! There is one chapter that indicated NSFW actions but nothing explicit it's just implied. Please also keep updated on my authors book that I have where I put all updates on how my book is going and chapters and things. Stay positive!!!
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The Alchemist is considered the most useless of all the 5 classes offered in the Virtual World of 'Hell's Gates'(Warrior, Archer, Mage, Cleric, and Alchemist). Having little to no Combat Skills, and relying on real-world Chemistry Knowledge (a Lost art of sorts,) to make anything more than the most basic potions, they are very rarely seen past the first or second level, because most people change their class after seeing its uselessness. Still, this class allows Sam to spread her literal and proverbial wings as a Chemist and Inventor in a world where such a skill set is actually very valuable! Of course, with the rarity and value of their skills comes a plethora of problems, and most don't last very long at all, but Sam is determined, damn it! Hopefully, being stubborn and lucky in equal portions will be enough to survive and thrive in the world of Hell's Gates?(((Complete!!! Perhaps there'll be a Book Two if this gets enough attention???)))
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STORY ISN'T MINE FOR OFFLINE READING ONLYCREDIT TO THE AUTHOR:[Apocalyptic natural disaster + biological mutation + space hoarding + strong male and female protagonists + superpowers + female protagonist rebirth + 1v1 sweet love + revenge and refreshing story] In her previous life, Qiao Yu felt that Jiang Zhan was not normal, and was afraid and disgusted with Jiang Zhan. But Jiang Zhan was still protecting her until the last moment of his life after suffering torture to save her.

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друг моего брата

лучший друг брата, походу я влюбилась

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Prince Hans of the Southern Isles was the villain from the start, of course. He tried to kill the royal family to take the throne of Arendelle for himself!But what if he wasn't just trying to get a throne? What if there's a reason he has exactly twelve older brothers? What if Hans had good intentions with a bad plan? What if Hans is really the good guy-- and the key to saving the world from an evil as ancient as the kingdom of Arendelle itself?Author's Note: Sorry if the details in this story don't line up with the material from Frozen II. I came up with this about a month before it was released, and I'm really just focusing on the information from the first movie and a teeny bit from the Frozen II teaser trailer. So please don't leave a bunch of comments about how none of this could have happened because of the time or the details about magic that we found out in the second movie. It was an amazing show and all, but I only really count the first movie as fair game while writing this.

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Jio World Convention Centre

Jio World Convention Centre, a historic and culturally rich neighborhood in the heart of Mumbai, has long been a cherished destination for hosting weddings that exude timeless elegance. With its iconic landmarks and a blend of tradition and modernity, Jio World Convention Centre provides the perfect backdrop for couples seeking to celebrate their special day in style. If you're considering Jio World Convention Centre as your wedding destination, your journey to finding the perfect wedding hall begins with Bookeventz, your trusted partner in event planning and venue selection.Bookeventz: Your Wedding Planning CompanionBookeventz has garnered a stellar reputation in the event planning industry for its seamless venue booking services. When it comes to wedding halls in the Jio World Convention Centre, their online platform offers a comprehensive array of options, ensuring that you find the ideal setting for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Let's delve into why Bookeventz should be your top choice for discovering the most enchanting wedding halls in Jio World Convention Centre.Diverse Venue Selection:Bookeventz boasts an impressive collection of wedding halls in Jio World Convention Centre, catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you envision a grand and opulent celebration or an intimate and charming affair, you'll discover a plethora of options on their platform. The user-friendly interface allows you to filter your search based on capacity, amenities, and budget, simplifying the process of identifying the perfect venue.

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