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Age Regression Short Story

Short story about age regression

Continuation of REBIRTH OF THE REVENGE QUEENTo continue reading other parts:
Bad Intentions

I shook my head at him. This is his game. But that doesn't mean I can't master it. I gave him a seductive smile. "Are you scared that I might just beat you at your own game?"Jace let out a deep chuckle that sent tingles down my back. "Sweetheart, I'm here to remind you of one little thing." He pushed off the island."And what's that?" I asked with a raised eyebrow cautious of his movement.Still seated on the counter, he walked between my legs. His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. A soft gasp left my lips from his sudden movements. Not even once did he break eye contact. I felt my throat run dry from the intense look. "That even in this little game, you belong to me." ****Senior year for Leah Tate came around before she knew it and she couldn't wait to get started with her best friend, Kayla Greyson. Both were ready for a good final year of high school and excited to see what life after high school held ahead. But fate has other plans for Leah especially when Nate Rylan, Leah's childhood friend and first love, moves back into town. Still trying to get over her heartbreak and to show Nate she has moved on, Leah enlist in the help of Jace Emerson, the resident bad boy. Jace who is well know for his cold hearted demeanor and playboy ways agrees to help Leah, but for a price of course. A game with an inevitable ending, try to make the other person fall.Ultimately, Leah agrees to Jace's price and the façade along with the game begins. Of course nothing is easy, Leah finds herself intrigued by Jace. Danger, hatred and dark secrets all surround this bad boy. Is Leah ready to uncover what is ahead? Especially since she found herself in the center of it all.Highest Rankings🥇🥈🥉#1 Fiction 12/31/2022#1 Humor #1 Teen Romance#8 Romance#14 Teen Fiction
When Black And White Created Grey ✔️

Bethany Richard, a 17 year old loner wolf posing in the small town of Abraxas as a "human", finds herself caught in a whirlwind of rejection, growth, and acceptance after stumbling upon her mate. Will Bethany manage to conceal her true identity, or will the carefully crafted illusion she's painted shatter?Feel free to vote, and comment on my story, if you like my work enough. It means alot.This story is complete ♥️.
Smash or pass Rock edition

*completed*Literally what the title says
Fitoor | ✓

One snowy night, one dead body, one alive, two hearts; and three fates to change forever.
یاریکردن لەگەڵ گەورترین مافیایی ئاسیا

ن/ت:تۆ کاکەی من نییتە جۆنکگووک:تۆ هەر موڵکی منی تایهونگ:بێجگە لە من نابێت کەسە دەستەت لێی بدات رۆسێ:بۆچی نەت توانی وەک وە نەفرتی منت خۆشەوبوێت داسوم:بەڵام من تۆم خۆشەدوێت جیمین:تکایی تۆزێکە منەت خۆشەبوبێتلیسا:هەمووتان بە نەفرت بنتۆماس:ببور تکایی من هەڵە بووم تۆ وا مەکە تکایی
aizen Male reader x hotel Transylvania

Story of strong soul reaper in hotel Transylvania

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The world is based off of numbers. Chloe is a ten, but after one strange day, her world is turned upside down.

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По ту сторону.

Дьявол тоже может создавать миры.И когда-то обычному человеку, выпадает шанс стать его судьей. Ему предстоит вершить закон и правосудие над той грязью что скопилась за много лет. Ему предстоит сделать нелегкий выбор, побывать в различных ситуациях и решить на какой стороне он будет сражаться. Мир никогда не забудет...его...

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Where Colors Rule [ PLANET BLUE ]

In a universe far away, the social life is ruled by colors. Whichever color you were born in, is where you'll spend your life in as the government controls you. Kana Hashira didn't care about that. All she wanted was to repay the orphanage and the citizens living in the Blue City 13 for what they have done for her. They took care of her, especially the orphanage where she resided in for years. But after one of her heroic stunts by saving a child, a nearby agents asks if she would like to be one of 'The Protectors'. It seems like this person has been trying to find her but never knew she was a girl. And that's when her story starts filled with her haunting past, uncontrollable emotions, romantic pursuits and the unnecessary fights.~~ ✨Reverse Harem Story ✨ ~~Multiple males pursuing one girl (heroine)

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Prince with Benefits

After a bad breakup, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England.Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled with the delights and dramas of falling in love with the man of everyone's dreams.*******The unedited version & bonus chapters are back on Wattpad :) --please take it in mind it has a bazillion mistakes, but it's a really sweet story :)

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Sonic Prime X HoaG, SoaW

"I gotta escape the void, there is no other choice, yeah. Tryna turn down the voices, the void ate me. Look at the mess I've done, there's nowhere to run, yeah. Holding a loaded gun."-Void by Melanie Martinez.This is a rewrite of the Netflix show Sonic Prime but with one of my AU Sonics: this one from Heart of a God, Soul of a Warrior! I've had this thought with me for so long ever since the creation of this bigger AU and now bringing this thought into reality! This story will continue January 11th, 2024 with the final episode batch!!When an explosive battle with Dr. Eggman shatters the universe, Sonic(aka Dark Gaia)races through parallel dimensions to reconnect with his friends and girlfriend and save the world, but what happens when the alternative versions of his friends see him as the Dark Gaia of their own worlds?There will be spoilers to Sonic Prime in this story, so make sure to check out the series before reading! I don't own Sonic Prime nor the characters. Just my AU and my OC.

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Unleashing the Power of AWS Certifications: A Game-Changer for Your Career

In today's rapidly evolving tech industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for career growth. One surefire way to stand out is by acquiring AWS certifications. AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a comprehensive certification program that equips professionals with the skills and knowledge to excel in cloud computing. Let's explore the advantages of getting certified in AWS and how it can open doors to exciting global job opportunities.

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Covers made by @heademptyrn { Sonic Prime Related }- 🦔 - "Sonic!" You shouted."Huh?" Sonic turns back to see a huge purple caterpillar jumping toward him. You quickly smashed it by the head and stood behind Sonic in your fighting position. "Heh, Thanks for that Y/n" he scoffs. "Welcome" You simply replied.- 🦔 - "I came here as fast as I could, what happened?" You asked. "Y/n, you here!" Amy brightly beamed. "It seems that Egghead is working on something up there" Knuckles pointed at the cracked mountain. You look up to see to the mountain and saw a huge fog surrounding the tip of the mountain. "And we are going to find out why" Rouge rolls her hand into a fist.Sonic sarcastically yawns, "You guys do that, I've got something to do." He switched his legs into a red infinite looking wheel and zoomed away. "Sonic wait!" Tails called out but it already looks like he has gone far. "Really?" You place your hand over Knuckles's shoulder. "When will he ever listen?" Amy facepalmed. "C'mon, guys! We know Sonic, he will always be there when we need him! He'll catch up at some point!" Tails smiled.- 🦔 - "Sonic, I don't think that's a good idea" You clench your fist. "Relaaaax, I've got this" He smirked, charging his speed. The blue hedgehog dashes towards his enemy, blasting in full speed. Not noticing he was crashing into the prime himself. "Sonic no!" Everyone echoed. - 🦔 - Separated into different people. In different universes. He caused the world to divide into many multiverse. Now, he must fix what he started. Teleporting into each verse to claim the crystal's pieces. You ask yourself, "How many pieces are there?" - 🦔 -

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harry potter: escape of the boy-who-lived

harry potter had been entered into the triwizard tournament, and everyone including his best friends have turned their backs on him, but there was a saving grace, in forcing harry's preparation, albus dumbledore has no choice but to allow harry to claim his full inheritance, this includes a very special gift left behind by his grandfather, so he takes this opportunity with help from the goblins and a couple house-elves and leaves, in that harry has given his new friends an amazing opportunity, getting an opportunity himselflots of OCs, this story is inspired by the battleship texas, and the song no bullets fly created by the band sabaton, this fanfiction story and OCs are mine, nothing else is, this story is also inspired by the fanfiction "old soldiers never die" by rorschach's blot

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The Serpent Trio

Poly romance based on Hogwarts legacy. Cressida Felwyn is a new transfer student to Hogwarts who arrives during her 5th year. She is sorted into Slytherin where she catches the attention of Sebastian Sallow and Ominis Gaunt, together the 3 of them strike up a strong bond, however decisions of the heart threaten to upset the balance and tear the trio apart.

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Paint My Picture - Reader x Nine

Rebel and Knux were shocked, as were Nine and Sonic, while Rusty remained expressionless as she was the whole time. Yet she was the one to answer."My sensors detect that Y/N's plan has the best chances with the chance of escaping, 23%." We all stared at her, 23% was not a lot but if it was our best chance then maybe they'd agree.Sonic spoke up, "Then let's get out of here." There was none of the annoying excitement in his voice, clearly our argument had taken a toll on him. "Y/N lead the way."I nodded and started to walk out of the nearest door, the others following behind me. AGES:Y/N - 14Nine - 15Sonic - 18Rebel - 17Knux - 19I upped the ages just to make the backstory of Y/N fit in more! There is nothing inappropriate in this book!All characters (apart from Y/N) belong to SEGA!The main plot of Sonic Prime belongs to SEGA but the twists belong to me!Book cover art not mine, credit goes to artist

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