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I did this for fun..... Pls don't be harsh
Due to tempest massive growth and their hunger for knowledge made them one of the strongest super countries to ever exist.

Now millions of years later the Tempest Federation has become a type 2 civilization as they can harness the power of the sun and being able to achieve faster than light travel

(note: this is my first fanfic of Rimuru and this will not be focused on rimuru. This story will focus on his descendants(idk))

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hehehe it's time to get funky 🙏🙏😈I do try and update every so often! So please be on the look out for new chapters every so oftenI hope everyone has a great a time as I did writing this masterpiece 🥰
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18🔞🔞🔞 #Family sex case များပါဝင်သည်စကားလုံးအသုံးအနှုန်းများ ပွင့်လင်း ရင့်သီးပါသည်မကြိုက်ရင်ကျော် 🙂14.6.22 OC
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Kissing Booth [BoyxBoy]

(BOOK ONE OF THE KISSING BOOTH SERIES) Scar Patterson has everything that a boy could want - good looks, a smoking hot girlfriend and a full time scholarship to his dream school. In an attempt to raise money for the football team's new uniforms, Scar hosts a kissing booth at the town's Carnival Week. It's the perfect excuse to kiss beautiful girls and get money at the same time. It couldn't have been any more of a great idea. Until he's obligated to kiss a boy.- cover made by seeraenthen-

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Their love was fire. And fire is catching. It catches onto simple things like material, food, objects. You name it. Their love was set to burn in flames. They didn't feel it physically, but mentally it burned. It hurt. It was worse than any Third Degree burn. Much worse.

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None of your businessEotteon bangbeobi dwaetdeun gane I kill itNo capYou wanna deal with meDeo keun aeksurangKkaekkeuthan aksurangNega nal iyonghaeseoNeoui aksunhwanBeoseonaryeogo haetdamyeonI really can't help itSeonggongui giri kkwak makyeosseoToegeunsigan daee sinsayeok sageori TrafficDeokbune naneun ppeong ttulrin doro wireul DashinhaeNaega da haemeogeo neonedeul daesinDon't talk about fashionDon't talk about passion I broughtNo cappin' no cappin'Dareun DNA hyeolgwan ttara SpreadTtanttara ttanttaran daneoneun yet yaegiga doenji oraegoMoreum kkondaego waenyamyeonBecause I say soBecause I flex, big flexerUh Melanin handsomeUh Melanin handsomeUh Melanin handsomeUh Melanin handsomeUh Melanin handsomeMy Melanin handsomeMy Melanin handsome

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EXO SOnGs LyRics

*Baby Don't Cry*[Baekhyun]Deoneun mangseoriji ma jebal nae simjangeul geodueo gaGeurae nalkaroulsurok joha dalbit jochado nuneul gameun bam[D.O]Na anin dareun namjayeotdamyeon huigeuk anui han gujeorieotdeoramyeonNeoui geu saranggwa bakkun sangcheo modu taewobeoryeo[All]Baby don't cry tonight eodumi geochigo namyeonBaby don't cry tonight eobseotdeon iri doel geoyaMulgeopumi doeneun geoseun nega aniya kkeutnae mollaya haetdeonSo baby don't cry, cry nae sarangi neol jikil teni[Suho]Ojik seororeul hyanghaeinneun unmyeongeul jugo badaEotgallil su bakke eomneun geu mankeum deo saranghaesseumeul nan ara[D.O]When you smile, sun shines [Baekhyun}Eoneoran teuren chae mot dameul challan[D.O]On mame pado chyeo [Suho]Buseojyeo naerijanha oh[All]Baby don't cry tonight pokpungi morachineun bam [Baekhyun}(u~ haneuri muneojil deut)Baby don't cry tonight jogeumeun eoullijanhaNunmulboda challanhi bitnaneun I sungan neoreul bonaeya haetdeonSo baby don't cry cry nae sarangi gieokdoel teni[Chanyeol]Eodukeomkeomhan gotongui geuneul wi ibyeorui munteoge naega muchamhiNeomeojyeodo geumajeodo neol wihaeseoramyeon gamdanghal teniUh, daesin nareul julge birok nal moreuneun neoegeDon't cry, tteugeoun nunmulbodan chadichan useumeul boyeojwo baby, [D.O & Chanyeol]Say no more (baby) no more (don't cry)Jebal mangseorijineun marajwo mulgeopumi doel geu challaSay no more (baby) no more (don't cry)Nunbusin sarameuro nameul su itge charari geu kallo nal taewojwo[D.O]Ne nun soge gadeuk cha oreuneun dalbit woo~[Baekhyun]Sori eobsi gotong soge heulleo neomchineun I bam~[All]Baby don't cry (cry~) tonight eodumi geochigo namyeonBaby don't cry tonight (oh yeah) eobseotdeon iri doel geoya~Mulgeopumi doeneun geoseun nega aniya kkeutnae mollaya haetdeonSo baby don't cry (don't cry yeah) nae sarangi neol jikil teni[Baekhyun]Ireun haessari noga naerinda (neoga)Neoreul darmeun nunbusimi naerinda (Falling down~)[Suho]Gireul irheun nae nuneun ijeya cry cry

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Broken Chains (Jūgo x Sugoroku Hajime)

Inmates and Guards arnt allowed to be together. At Nanba Prsion a guard named Sugoroku Hajime and an inmate Jūgo fell in love but it had to be a secret. Well the break up or continue there secret realationship? Well Hajime leave Jūgo? Read to find out!People might not even read this but I just love this ship so much!

485 6 15
The Marlboro Bridge

This is a short story I had written for English class, I only had around ten to fifteen minutes to create a story surrounding a certain image I had been assignd. I hope you all like it!

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Wow °×Minsung×°

In which Jisung wants to live a y/n life.

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The Catastrophic Evil

"Reincarnation...""Some people say that reincarnation is always bring a good thing, a overpower Main Character, a Harem, and a good ending...""I do find a story like that interesting, but... At the same time it's just to repetitive...".........."Hmmm, how about we twisting the story... Yes, I can make it happen.""HeHeheheh, all I have to do is just change everything... And make my own Story...""Prepared you self..."

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