Tears in the Rain (Flandre Scarlet x Male Reader)

Tears in the Rain (Flandre Scarlet x Male Reader)

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Category: Fantasy
Gensokyo...The Land of Illusions...yeah, never heard of it. Most people haven't anyways. It's rare that anyone from the outside ends up there. One boy, however, is one of those rare cases. What's even more rare? An outsider goes to the land of illusions, and befriends one of the deadliest souls there...a deadly friendship...and a deadlier love...with the younger sister of the Scarlet Devil herself...

I do NOT own Touhou or have any rights to it, Touhou is owned by ZUN.

#1 FlandreScarlet-12/27/22
#1 Flandre-1/30/23
#1 TouhouProject-1/30/23
#1 EoSD-1/30/23
#1 Zun-3/5/23
#1 Gensokyo-7/29/23
#1 Touhou-8/20/23
#1 Remilia-9/9/23

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