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(Please Note This Is My First Ever Story. So If The Quality Isn't That Good, Sorry!)
[You will be replacing Justin in this story FYI.]

You're (Y/N), a laid back, kind, but kinda witty guy. You heard of this Reality TV show called Total Drama Island being made, and there even being a cash prize of $100,000! So of course, you signed right up. Promised with a luxury beach and much more, camp Wawanakwa, was the complete opposite. Though, even through the bummer that is the Island, you become friends with this really laid back goth girl, though, you would rather be a little more than just friends.

As of November 30th, 2022: #1 In TotalDramaIsland
As of December 31st, 2022: #1 in TotalDrama
As of January 14th, 2023: #1 in gwen

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