Tangling the Knot

Tangling the Knot

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Category: Romance
Oaklyn Miller is a rising star in the wedding planning world, known for her incredible attention to detail and the Midas touch. Swamped with tulle and timelines, she's too booked to entertain the thought of romance until the byline of Boston Young's latest article seems to write itself into her life. As a journalist whose charm rivals his investigative prowess, he turns her well-structured plans into breaking news. But when she is hired to put together the biggest wedding of the season, Oaklyn's heart falls for the man who's supposed to say "I do" to someone else. And those stolen moments with Boston? They turn all the rules into question marks. Professional boundaries blur, and Oaklyn faces a choice with far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. Wedding planning is all about the details, but sometimes, those details get tangled up with heartstrings.

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My back was pressed against the wall, and our faces were merely inches away. He gently placed a finger below my chin and tilted my face upward. I tried my best to avoid his gaze. "Look at me, Sebastian."I slowly met his piercing brown eyes, and my throat went dry. He leaned in, and I shut my eyes as my heartbeat grew erratic. I could feel his hot breathing near my ear. "Do I make you nervous?" I gulped. He gently caressed my jaw. "Why have you been avoiding me, darling?"I couldn't hold it in anymore. My chest was about to burst. It was all too much for me. I opened my eyes and yelled it out. "Because I'm in fucking love with you, Finn." The moment those words left my mouth I regretted it. I covered my face with my hands, completely mortified. I was close to tears and did not want him to see me this way. I could feel him gently pry my hands away, but I kept my eyes shut, too embarassed to face him. I drew in a sharp breath when he placed his forehead on mine, my hands locked tightly in his iron grip. "God, Sebastian. You have no idea how long I've waited to hear those words." And right then, his lips crashed onto mine, and nothing else mattered. -----------------
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Wen Qing was pulled into an infinite flow game, and after struggling through the first instance, he received a strange buff.System: 【 All non-human beings will have a good impression of you. PS: ***** 】Wen Qing asked cautiously: "What do the asterisks mean?"System: 【 It means ***** 】The blocked words are definitely not good at all!Wen Qing cried: "Can I refuse this weird buff?"System: 【 The highest-end hunters often appear in the form of prey. 】Wen Qing choked. "Am I the highest-end hunter?"System: 【 You are the most delicious prey. 】Wen Qing: ???___________*Not mine*For offline purposes only
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[NOT MINE: OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY]DescriptionLin Feilu, or better known by her nickname-Green Tea Princess, was the best of all the scheming b*tches that the world had ever seen. She was the Oscar-winning actress among the masses with real life as her stage. Acting coy, slandering, feigning innocence, or playing the saint, she aced it all. Simply put, she was the proverbial villainess.Ah, but retribution came way too early for this malicious personage and she died on her 27th birthday.In death, Lin Feilu reflected on her career of 20 years as the Green Tea Princess. She was full of regret and remorse over the life she once led. She vowed, if there was an afterlife, she would atone for her misdeeds and be a good person.She transmigrated into a five-year-old princess of the Dalin Dynasty. In the name of family, she had a sickly mother disfavoured by the emperor, a mentally challenged and daft older brother.Her life was constantly in danger, with having little to eat and trying to stay warm.The living environment was very harsh.Lin Feilu, who wanted to be a good person: ... You forced me! Sorry, I can only activate my unique skill.Harem fight? Striving for favor? Climbing the ranks?Apologies, but let me show you what it means to be slaughtered by a maxed out player.Note: "Green Tea" is a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind but is very scheming and calculative in reality.LanguageChineseAuthor(s)Chun Dao Han春刀寒Translator(s)Fans Translations
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Enhance Your Home with Top Window Treatments in Edmonton, Canada

Choosing the right window treatments can completely transform the ambiance and functionality of your living spaces in Edmonton, Canada. Whether you're looking for sleek modern styles or classic designs, the options available cater to every taste and requirement. Here's a comprehensive guide to the top window treatment options available in Edmonton.

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"Keep me up 'till 4AM, I'll stay up for you."In which a suicidal senior with insomnia gets a bubbly, happy freshman as his roommate.

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» street racer au [sequel to Illicit]❝ I would shed my own blood if it means for you being alive, Youn ❞

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Yandere! Various x Reader(Cover in process. I'll probably make it a meme when I find a good one.)This is the story of a Cookie with a terrible curse. No one is quite sure where it came from, but the curse's effect will surely be their demise.While I will try to write the chapters so that they may stand alone, I hope you will take caution when I say that it may not work out that way.Just remember, dear (C/F) Cookie, that those of great power will always be there to love you. So run while you can.

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