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Category: Romance
When Ashton Knight officially proposes to her, Charlotte Garnett is over the moon because she's more than ready to start a new journey as Mrs. Knight. Little does she know that she's far from ready for the price of entering the Knight family. Having Ashton's niece and sister ruin their wedding shower is just a start. In one blink of an eye, Charlotte finds herself tangled up in the chaos of Ashton's family.

Planning the wedding turns out to be an unbelievably exhausting task. Still, Charlotte convinces herself that it's just an obstacle before she embraces her dream life with Ashton. When things escalate and her buried resentment is back to haunt her, she starts to wonder if the wedding is worth it.

Season 6 of Let Life Surprise You


Weekly updates on Tuesdays. Wait & read for free, or unlock with coins-the choice is yours!

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