Summer Forever

Summer Forever

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Category: Teen Fiction
"Tell me what you want."
"All I want is you."

Isla Monroe is officially out of her tiny hometown, Shellside Bay. She's starting her first week of college and she's living in the heart of the city with her best friend, River. Things couldn't be more perfect.

There's only one problem - her boyfriend Everett is half way across the world.

[Sequel to Isla but can be read as a standalone]

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Warning! ⚠️This contains maleXmale.Strong language. Somewhat 18+?? (Depends on the chapter.)If this isn't your thing, you may click off! This is my first time making a story, I hope you enjoyed this one so far! (I am very sorry if I make you guys uncomfortable in any way, if it comes to a chapter with 18+. I will let you guys know before you start reading it. 🫶🏻) Thank you!

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