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Who would've thought the big bad alpha could be that submissive.


Cover by: @JinnieFinnie

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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

In a future where humanity has developed an interstellar civilization. On the frontier planet of Rubicon 3, a substance called, "Coral" was discovered that could be used as both an energy source and a data conduit. Coral was hailed as the key to humanity's technological advancement, but instead it caused a cataclysmic event known as the "Fires of Ibis," which engulfed the planet and the surrounding star system in flames and left behind a lethal contaminant. All Coral in existence was thought to have been consumed by the disaster. Fifty years later, however, signs of Coral are once again detected on Rubicon 3. Corporations flock to exploit the planet and control the Coral, heedless of the cost and harm to the inhabitants, and mercenaries follow to profit from the conflict. Augmented human designated "C4-621" who is in servitude to an infamous handler named Walter, and fights as an Armored Core pilot on the promise of earning a new life by taking on mercenary jobs. After illegally landing on Rubicon 3, C4-621 steals the license of a deceased mercenary and assumes their callsign: "Raven."

Всё произошло в клубе,там работал Тэхён.А Чонгук как раз пришёл в клуб когда была его смена.Произошла не очень хорошая ситуация,после которой Тэхён очень хорошо вмазал Чонгуку.Но он не знал кто такой Чонгук,и потом очень сильно пожалел что это сделал....

Lily is happy with her life. She has a unique family that she can rely on as well as four great friends who support her - and vice versa. She doesn't mind school, loves to play soccer in her spare time and cannot say no to sweets. For as long as she can remember, it has always been just her and her brothers. There are no parents in the picture. The 12-year-old has never bothered to find out what actually happened to them and she has never even met them. Her oldest brother is her and the other minors' guardian. This is how it has always been, and Lily likes it that way.However, something seems to be changing. Three of her brothers suddenly move back home, or at least make plans to do so. The older ones start to act secretive and they appear more preoccupied than usual. Certain things don't add up anymore. Lily's curiosity is piqued. What is going on with her family? What are her oldest brothers hiding from her? Have they been lying to her? Who are her parents? And where are they?Join Lily on a journey that will turn her life upside down and that will put everything into a new perspective, as things slowly start to unravel.
Paranoid Bosses Are All My Boyfriend

[Warning! This story is Machine Translated]Author : 小白莲一柏君 Summary: [I could have endured the darkness, if I had never seen the sun. ] Su Jingyan is the npc in n horror novels. Every role he plays is a fanatic, and he will love him for a lifetime. It's like a bright moon in the world, God's darling, everyone can't wait to hold their hearts, let him laugh. The traveler loves him, the rebirth loves him, the reincarnation loves him, and even Satan, who is hidden in the darkness, loves him. Others are hell, and you are my world. Su Jingyan is a heartthrob, and he is very satisfied with his boyfriend, but strangely, the whole world is telling him: "Run! Your boyfriend is dangerous! He is a ghost! He will kill you in the future !" Su Jingyan turned his head and looked at the man who smiled at him like a spring breeze, and then faintly replied, "Oh." I believe you are a ghost. "..." Damn, I was telling the truth. The next second, the man died. It's quiet at night. The man stared closely at Su Jingyan who had fallen asleep. The knife in his hand showed a clank of cold light. Not knowing how long he stood, the man put the knife away and turned to hug the young man tighter. Don't have the thought of leaving me, or I will kill you jealously. Baby, you are so good.Original name: "The blackened bosses were all my boyfriends"Source :{ this story is not mine, credit goes for the author}
ilk askım

kumsal yeni hayatina alısmısken geriye donup baktiginda her sey tekrardan baslar

အချစ်ဆိုတာ လူသတ်ရတာလောက်ရင်ခုန်စရာမကောင်ဘူး ကူကိုယ်အတွက်အချစ်ဆိုတာကစားစရာထပ်မပိုဘူးအခ်စ္ဆိုတာ လူသတ္ရတာေလာက္ရင္ခုန္စရာမေကာင္ဘူး ကူကိုယ္အတြက္အခ်စ္ဆိုတာကစားစရာထပ္မပိုဘူး
His Light ✓

*COMPLETED* Annalise(Ann) had a simple life. A loving family, and a roof over her head. But when that is taken away, when the king and his men destroy her village and take her life away. She is thrown into a life of servitude to the king. But What happens when the king develops a deep desire for her? Will she fall in love with the merciless King?𝑬𝒙𝒄𝒆𝒓𝒑𝒕:I hear the king get up from his seat and start walking over to me. I see his shoes come into my line of vision. My senses are clouded by his strong scent of cedarwood. I refuse to look up at him. He gives off an aura that is dark and intimidating. My eyes begin to swell with tears at the thought that I will end up like the man before me."Look at me," he commands in a deep voice. I refuse. He commands again this time more cynical, "Look. at. me!" His voice booms off the walls, echoing in the room. I flinch at the tone but still refuse. Then suddenly, he roughly raised my chin. My eyes meet his cold blue ones. His eyes seem to soften for a moment then quickly return to their cold state.He muttered something under his breath that I didn't catch. He lets go of my chin and walks around, scanning me with his eyes. "What am I to do with you?" He mutters to himself. After a few moments, he is back in front of me. He smirks, "I will make you my personal chambermaid."CONTINUE THE STORY INSIDE...𝑨𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒅𝒔: 🥇- 1st place - Mystical May Contest🥇Winner in Historical Fiction - YT 2021 Book Awards𝑯𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝑹𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒔:#1- 14th century(4/6/20)#4- 14th century(4/27/20)#6 - 14th century(5/18/20)#7 - 14th century(7/1/20)#13 - king(7/24/20)#1 - 14th century (8/25/20)#89 - Medieval (1/19/21)#1 - Medieval (1/28/21)#19 - Youngadult(5/20/21)© Copyright 2020
All I see is Sainz

She's a single mother to a toddler living in Spain You work as a secretary in a law firm. One day you bump into a handsome Spaniard inside a cafe on your way to work. You agree to a date thinking it would be a one time thing, but when he asks to see you again you know you have to tell him you're a single mother. Will he run at the mention of a child? Or will he want to stick around? Will Angela finally find love? And will he be accepting of her son?

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Decadent Daggers

Han Jisung has been working at Lee enterprise's for the past two years, in hopes of becoming a financial consultant. His chance to really kickstart his career comes as he is placed on the new financial team run by the CEO's son, Lee Minho. However, his plans get derailed as he walked into Lee Minho's office at the wrong time.Mafia AU

385 4 26
In The Dark ||BNHA Vigilante ShinDeku||

Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinsou are two boys aiming to be heroes. At least, they used to.Izuku always wanted to be a hero. But being quirkless, he was looked down upon, bullied, abused, and broken. At the age of 10, he had enough, so, he ran away.When Hitoshi got his quirk, he thought it was great! Perfect for being a hero. Although, people thought otherwise. His parents neglected him for his villainous quirk. He was bullied for it. One night, he found someone who would change his life.I don't own My Hero Academia or the cover art.I'm still a beginner too, soooooo ye!

166.9K 23 7.2K Full
Nenless! (Hisoka Morrow Fanfic)

«What would you do if your favorite anime character became real ?»• Inspired by the movie "Enchanted" • No cards , no weird clothes , no murdering and the most terrifying of all , No nen . Hisoka Morrow , for once , has been fooled . He finds himself struggling his way out of a filthy sewer to see a completely different world than his . When he almost kills a person of that weird world , a fan who recognized him so well takes him home to avoid all the drastic scenarios and is willing to help him . Will there be a love story between the anime fictional character and his fan ? Or will he just find his way out of this world in no time and leave her alone again ?

52.9K 22 2.5K

A boy wakes up in the middle of the night because of a noise, he goes and investigates it

6 1 0 Full
Goku, The King of Everything

What if Goku becomes the King of Everything, what if he falls in love with Vados, and Marcarita.

86.7K 34 1.3K
Ensnared in Death's Embrace

Iva is from a mafia gang , she Got shot in the head in a mission. she woke p in coma after a year , she didn't remember what happened , and while searching , she will discover her worst and deepest step father's secretsANYWAY....THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK SO DON'BE MEAN..Edit: thank you for the 284 views and 107 votes ❤Edit:6 may 2024: OMG! Thank you for the 307 views :)edit:19 may 2024: thank you for the 421 views <3High ranks : #17 organization#13 sheep #14 horrifying

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Unfamiliar Places || THE BOYZ FF

A story about a girl named Lee Y/N who's always bright and happy and have a rich and popular family the lee family but there was a hidden truth about her that deep down she's a outcast of her family and one day her uncle & dad got shot by a unknown man and after that she kept on meeting 12 guys and something came to both Y/N and the 12 boys mind 'Is it just a coincidence or are we fated to be together?'Something terrifying is happening to Y/Ns fate to though that makes her life a Comeplete mess12 guys who lives in a different realm and ran away from their home just to leave the chaos their parents which are the nobles of their realm made and met a innocent and interesting girl at the place where they were currently living inI hope you enjoy this fantasy/Comedy/Romance/Sad/Thrill and more HAHAHA story! Especially deobis!!📢❤OT12 Fan fiction Reader X The boyzStarted at MAY 22, 2021Finished at ---

17K 94 876
Loki's Complications: The Daughter Of Mischief (Loki Fanfiction)

Leema was about to scream when she saw Loki, but suddenly Loki was behind her with a hand over her mouth. He waved a hand over her face and suddenly she was very sleepy, as if she was drugged. She slumped in his arms and he picked her up, carrying her to her bed. His skin was cold, but his touch was gentle."I'm sorry, didn't mean to startle you darling. I just came to say Happy Birthday and leave you a present," he whispered as Leema's head fell, leaning into his chest as her eyelids started to get droopy. "Goodnight darling, I'll come for you soon." He put the sheets over her and she curled up, and fell into sleep, his voice fading....* * *Leema has been trying to figure out who her father is for her whole life. Brought to the Avengers at a young age, they never said a thing. Then one day , that all changes when her ninth birthday involves the god she couldn't stop thinking about sitting on her bed: her father. Will Leema be the daughter he's hoping for? Or will she be the hardest child to take care of? Either way, it's all in her hands now.(Leema, Lyra, Loila, Lea, Rinolo, Ingrid, and Lily are my fanfiction characters, rest belong to Marvel or I snuck into the story: Ex. Hades)(This takes place from after Avengers all the way to Avengers End Game and farther)(#9 in Loki's Daughter)( ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Stealing's Not Nice ;) )

23.6K 45 685 Full
Chef's Kiss

She was gone.Rody found it hard to believe. She was the one he thought he was waiting for all his life, and she was also the one who left too quickly. This couldn't be how it would end... yet he knew that it was true. It all added up- how she was always "busy," how she never contacted him, how she never answered. Manon was gone, and she was the love of his life... or so he thought.When Rody asked for the position of the waiter again, Vincent wasn't hesitant at all to accept. However, when he was working, Rody visibly wasn't the same. Vincent knew all too well that this was his fault, as Rody was like this ever since it was confirmed that Manon must be dead. Vincent decides to try and become closer to Rody, and slowly but surely, Rody starts rediscover his old self again. Rody and Vincent develop a close friendship, but soon enough, both of them start to question their feelings towards each other.Everything changed after a kiss.•❣•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•❣•<<This is a story based off the Dead Plate game by RachelDrawsThis. I do not own the game, the characters, ect. This story takes place after ending 1 of the game, when Manon wouldn't answer Rody. Also, I do not own the cover of this book, so credits to whoever owns the art!>><<Also, if you are looking for a well-written book that is not cringe and is really beautifully written and of good quality, THEN PLS JUST LEAVE- THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU- THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK AND I SUCK AT WRITING SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! THIS WILL PROLLY BE SUPER CRINGE BUT PLS DON'T BE TOO HARSH ALTHOUGH CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM IS APPRECIATED!>>•❣•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•❣•<<Warning: Contains curse words, angst, blood and gore, cannibalism, fluff, VincentxRody (Vinrody/Rodent), boyxboy, and possible smut!>><<Enjoy!>>

2.6K 10 107