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ideas and plot for everyone who needs it <3

- read rules & taken story list chapter before taking the stories tq (ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)

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started: 30 May 2017
ended: TBA

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Double Savage

Don't know how to describe it13/07/23 - 24/08/23
The Golden Couple

Sophie and Bryce are known as "the golden couple" at their high school, but everything changes for them when Bryce is diagnosed with cancer. ***** Sophie Allen, a straight "A" student, and Bryce Harrison, the school's star baseball pitcher, have been together for two years. They're so perfect together that they're referred to as "the golden couple". But when Bryce develops headaches and then collapses at a baseball game, they make a tragic discovery: Bryce has a brain tumor. Struggling with treatment, he's determined to make it through with Sophie's help. But will Sophie be able to handle the pressure? How much can she commit to love if she might lose Bryce in the end anyways?[[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]
Dungeon Diver: Stealing a Monster's Power

A story following a young hunter named Jay. He has grown up in a world where dungeons, monsters, and humans with leveling systems are a cultural norm. At the age of 20, he awakens a skill that allows him to steal the abilities of monsters. While others are stuck with a specific skill set, he continues to grow stronger after every battle.Follow Jay's journey as he learns more about his unique situation in a world that's grown blind to the real dangers of modern-day dungeon diving. What to expect:-Weak To Strong Male MC-Fast Leveling + Rare Magical Items-Stats + Hidden Abilities + LitRPG System-Explosions, Monsters, & Epic Battles[Daily uploads, a minimum of 7 chapters per week.]

A bullied girl meets the popular new student.*****"Still saying that you're perfectly okay?" Max whispers.I'm surprised to hear that his voice is shaking."I'm going to find who did this to you."*****One time, I was the most popular girl in school. All the students in Royal Heights, the school of the richest, knew me as the pretty Luna Klein, daughter of a famous superstar and a well-known billionaire. But the next thing I know, I'm an outcast. Just because of a complicated thing called love, everything turns 180 degrees. Now, I'm the girl that everyone hates. I've lost all my friends. I've lost my best friend. And I've lost the guy that I adore. All I can do now is to ignore the bullies and to survive each day quietly, hoping that I don't attract too much attention like before. Everyone in my school starts to call me loony Luna. Or lunatic, their favorite nickname. Then he suddenly arrives. Max Cooper, the new student who just got here from Australia. Insanely good-looking and smart, topped with his impressive family background, Max easily becomes everybody's favorite, especially the girls'. Disastrously, of all the other things he can pick, Max sets his eyes on the most forbidden and despised thing in Royal Heights. Me. Even though the whole school hates that idea. But pushing Max away is like trying to tame a wild lion that has just been released from its cage. Max is unstoppable. My mother once said that if a guy is really into you, he will pursue you no matter what. I think I know now how it feels. I just don't know how to handle my heart. Because every time his piercing eyes land on me, I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest.© 2021 Anya Jayvyn. All Rights Reserved.
Bad boy is my baby daddy

Hadley Taylor is the average 16 year old. Good grades, kind, respectful and the one girl with the most crazy, outgoing friend there is. After one drunk mistake at a party, hosted by none other than the bad boy, Hadley's life changes. The bad boy is Javier James. He is known for sweet talking girls, sleeping with them then sending them away the next morning. What happens when he uses Hadley but forgets one thing?"What are you doing?" I asked him. When I looked behind me, it was none other than the bad boy, Javier. "Dancing, what does it look like?" He smirked at me. I took a deep breath but nodded and let my body sway to the music. His hot breath fanning on my neck causing shivers to run down my spine. I could feel the wetness pooling between my legs as he began running his hands down my body. "Come with me baby girl." Javier whispered in my ear then lead me up the stairs. I knew what was going to happen, and I wasn't going to stop it. Let loose, have fun. Those were Janet's exact words, and that is what I intend to do.(Completed)
Biker-Boy #Wattys2016

Lili is slighly shy and not very outgoing. All she wants is to save money to be able to go to university. She is compassionate, but mostley keeps to herselfJake is the son and heir of a biker gang's leader. He is ruthless and coldharted. He knows, that the wold is at his feet and takes what he wants.What happens, when their paths cross, when she saves his life?
EX-FACTOR • Dylan Hoffman

"no matter how i think we grow you always seem to let me know, it aint workin,,IN WHICH...Adrianna Alvarez decides to slowly forgive her ex, but has no clue about how it'll effect her lifeOR...WHAT HAPPENS WHEN Dylan Hoffman becomes more bold and tries to rekindle with his ex-girlfriend?"i keep letting you back in.. how can i, explain myself,,
BL | This Villain Spit Milk [Quick Wear]

⚠MACHINE TRANSLATIONTitleThis Villain Spit Milk [Quick Wear]/这个反派萌吐奶[快穿]AuthorYi Ye Zi/易叶子Status170 Chapters (Completed).INTRODUCTIONBind the system and cross the mission.As the villain, Zhou Xiaomiao was already ready to be powerful and use his kitten claws to fiddle with the world, but later, he found out... that he seemed to have taken the wrong script?Why should the ruthless male protagonist actually be a fluff control behind his back? Why should the male protagonist, who should be opposed to him, have to be his own shit shoveling officer?Male lead: I like you.Zhou Xiaomiao: I like myself too...Male lead: That's great, then we love you together :)Zhou Xiaomiao: ? ? ?-- read -- read -- guide -- guide --Quickly cross the world 1v1, sweet pets have no abuse, no logic.Content tags: A soft spot for sweet texts, quick wear and cool textsProtagonist: Zhou Yang/Zhou Xiaomiao┃Others: Kuai Chuan 1v1, Sweet Pet

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Bungou stray dogs scenarios

Characters includedOsamu DazaiDoppo KunikidaRanpo EdogawaAtsushi NakajimaYukichi FukuzawaAkiko YosanoJun'ichirō TanizakiKenji MiyazawaKatai TayamaAkutagawa RyunosukeGin AkutagawaOgai MoriChuuya NakaharaIchiyo HiguchiRyuro HirotsuMichizo TachiharaSakunosuke OdaMotojiro KajiiEdgar Ellen PoeFyodor DostoevskyNikolai Gogol

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A race of colossal aliens, the Tsosyrans, took over the planet in a matter of months. Humanity has been all but exterminated. The humans left alive have been caged and sent to facilities for scientific study. Kriss, a young woman who was captured, has accepted her fate knowing that she will soon be tortured to death at the hands of the ruling alien race. When she exhibits unexpected cleverness and determination during the first test, one of the giants takes an interest. As Kriss continues to surprise him, he begins to question the morality of what the Syrans have done.Warning: Some disturbing imagery described

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Beauty and The Beast|| Tom Riddle/ Voldemort X Reader

You are a muggle living in a small village a very provincial life you love reading books, Unlike the village your family is well off when your dad has to leave for work in the city. You discover a castle. A huge one. The person living there is really scary but as usual nothing is can't be loved. Can you fall i love with Voldemort what will Happen? Which farewells people complications will occur?

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in which theo went away and some of the pack wants to ask why.

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Missed Opportunity | Khun x Bam

Khun's dense and Bam is bad at flirting.

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Dimensions Can't Keep Us Apart

"Friends...See you around, Spider-Man." These were the last words Miles would ever hear from a certain blonde girl. Friends are supposed to be the ones always there for you in life, yet the one person that seemed to be Miles's only friend was gone, separated from each other because of an inevitable obstacle. All Miles wished was to see her just one more time. Just to talk to her one more time, but it seemed like his wish would only belong to his fantasies. But what if fate decided to start bending the rules? What if Miles gets his wish granted? What will happen? What will be waiting? Can there be a happy ending?NOTE: This story was started as a fanfic for Into the Spiderverse and thus is based on that, not Across the Spiderverse so it will be very inconsistent with what happens in ATS. I may try and have some things connect with it with future updates later on, but just know that a lot of it will still go against what happened in the movie.

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Various x Reader One Shots

highest rankings: #1 in #fanfic / #1 in #shortstory collection / #1 in #dreamworks / #1 in #fandomreferences / #1 in #shorts / #2 in #disney started 2-18-16!!feminine POV (masculine/other if requested) >>> most of my work has several errors because I type on my phone and do not reread my work for grammar! i am so sorry if there are mistakes! <<<- the more recent works are a lot bette than the told stuff so skip ahead if it doesn't meet ur standards!

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Double Savage

Don't know how to describe it13/07/23 - 24/08/23

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Host Camping Daze (Season 1)

In this first season of Hosting Camping Daze, we have some of our favorite object show hosts meeting each other for the first time. While going through arcs of their own, forming bonds with each other, and just being fun and silly for the most part. Enjoy season 1 of HCD.

6.4K 20 102 Full