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Category: Fantasy

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Disney Villains x Reader: A Crackhead Story

This story is purely for an entertainment comedy.Note: This story is purely made of confusion and fun. I have no plot and no plan except silliness. If you think you can handle it, give it a read! Disclaimer: This is not my normal writing style. I call it a break style, where I have the creative freedom to be as chaotic as I want. All of this is chaos. IMAGES I POST DO NOT BELONG TO ME!::::::::Welcome to my FunFiction!Every night or so I have dedicated myself to writing one chapter for writing practice. So I decided to do Disney! Description: (Y/n) (L/n) was nothing but a Disney Addict. Everything revolved around her was Disney, it was her life.So could you imagine her surprise to see some of her favorite villains show up at her doorstep? And what? They need a place to stay?Well, it is quite rude to lurk in her doorway.
locutions [poetry]

lo·cu·tion ləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/ (n.) " a particular form of expression;" 《 a collection of poems and prose. 》highest rank - #7 in Poetry ♡ #3 in Prose ♡
Carmilla ( The Original Novella)

For those of you curious of the original novella by J. Sheridan LeFanu, I was able to find it online and publish it in Wattpad form. The cover for this is from the Web Series "Carmilla" which can be found on 'KindaTV' s youtube channel. It's much different from the original novella but it is a great show to watch. Hope you enjoy! (I own nothing)#22 in Classics! Oct. 4, 2016#21 in Classics! Oct 5, 2016
King Lear

"King Lear" is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The title character descends into madness after disposing of his estate between two of his three daughters based on their flattery, bringing tragic consequences for all.
Age Regression Academy

Seventeen year old Evelyn Hart is a rebellious girl. Everyone who knows her expected that she'd be a brat , but what happens when the rude girl is classified as a little? Is she as rude in little space as she is in her normal headspace? Read along to find out what happens when Evelyn meets rude and strict Axel Harding who's dating Dean Anderson, the nicest boy on campus? Will she survive the next five years? Or will she run away?In this universe, everyone is sorted into eight categories:LittlePetSlaveBratDaddy/MommyOwnerMasterBrat tamer
Chaos in the Canvas √

Hemayal and Ibrahim - two souls who weren't against each other, destiny was.After many years of intentional silence at both ends, one rainy afternoon and a loud crash of cars bring two people back together who know each other and yet have centuries between them.A story where coincidences are real and when they come to haunt you, there's no escaping.
Cry of Fear (Simon Henriksson x Reader)

After the accident, Simon Henriksson wakes up in a deserted town filled with horrific monsters. On his journey, he meets a girl who has similar issues like himSimon can only hope that the girl he meets can help him fight through his nightmarish delusions.Now playing: [Kiss the Ladder - Fleshwater]•slow updates SORRY :((Sorry, I'm really bad at writing descriptions. I might fix this later)*I do not own Cry of Fear it belongs to Andreas Rönnberg*
H văn đam mỹ hầm bà lần.

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locutions [poetry]

lo·cu·tion ləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/ (n.) " a particular form of expression;" 《 a collection of poems and prose. 》highest rank - #7 in Poetry ♡ #3 in Prose ♡

910.1K 104 41.1K Full

Y/N and the the school president made a bet. if y/n lost she would have to go to a school that's not for rich people. The poor one. however if the president lost she would have to live with a middle class family for a month. they were allowed to cheat in anyway. In one condition, Yuemko chose the game. The two bets gamblers gambling with each other. While another one chose the game. Everyone thought they would play fair. No the president cheated. It was allowed.Now Y/N has to go to a poor people school. While being away from her girlfriend Runa. People confess to her because of her beauty. Even though she is rude bitch. Who would dominate you

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Fixing Her Life |WTS| Fem!HarryxPoseidon

Lyra Euphemia Potter has been shoved onto a pedestal by the Wizarding World. Only wanting to see what they did they allowed her true nature slip through the cracks. What happens when children from the future arrive and shatter every connotation they had of their beloved savior. "Potters descended from Peverells and the Peverells were known to attract only what was good for them and horrible for the rest of humanity. Is it a wonder that even Lyra could bend the most powerful people in the universe to her every whim." ~ Sidra Potter-Black

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Surprise! It's Me~ | AU Mastermind!Makoto Naegi

The SHSL Despair/Lucky Student, Makoto Naegi has always wanted to cause despair! And he finally does with his two buddies, Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba with a killing game!#2 In #Makoto | September 18, 2020#57 in #backstabbing | September 21, 2020#1 in #danganronpa1 | September 23, 2020

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'Reacting to the precious sister of the villainous grand duke'

Hi,so in this your Author-san kidnapped everyone to the theatre from the plot and made them react to the manhwa😉😉☺️☺️

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It's that time of year again. Spider-man, The Flash and Cyborg, prepare to get hurt. And you know what, I have no regrets or guilt, I really enjoy hurting people.

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The Prince and the Vampire King

Prince Gumball is in hell, dismay. He's ruling a kingdom and helping others when someone needs to help him, Who will?

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