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In his former life, Sun Bohai was an omega who couldn't reproduce. Since society believed that an omega's only function was to reproduce, it was genuinely ironic. It was found that his hormones were the source of the issues. He suffered from PCOS, a condition that disrupts hormone balance. He was a highly rare case and couldn't be healed since PCOS was common among betas but rare among omegas. Because hormones were like a live source for omega, his health soon declined, and he passed away on a rainy day alone.

He thought he had died, but instead, he woke up in the body of Luo Xiu, a ger in ancient china. Luo Xiu had just married over as a second wife and a stepmother.

But before he even had the time to panic a system suddenly introduced himself. With no choice, he could only accept and move forward for both his and the children's survival.

With the father absent, the paternal family ignorant, and Sun Bohai who was like an alien in ancient china how will they survive?

Cover done by: @Veleon

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A bunch of child actor and teen actor face claims. BOOK ONE OF THREE

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