Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Blind

Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Blind

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my childhood diary

I recently stumbled upon my old childhood diary, and as I read some parts to my sister, she thought it would be great to share the ridiculousness. So, I'm putting myself out there and sharing my preteen thoughts with you, just as I wrote them back then. I can't wait to dive into this nostalgic journey together with all of you.
නිවාලන්න මා අවුරුදු Special 👉👈

මේකටයි ඔරිජිනල් කතාවෙ අලුත් අවුරුදු දවසටයි කිසිම අයුරක සම්බන්ධයක් නොමැති බව මතක තබාගන්න❤️මේක ඔයාලට විනෝද වෙන්න වගේම අවුරුදු දවසට කැමීලියා ඔයාලට දෙන හුදෙක් නිකම්ම නිකම් ගිෆ්ට් එකක් කියලා හිතාගන්න🥹❤️
The Great Indian Wedding Romance

Siddharth Kashyap is roped into attending a destination wedding by his mother and he expects nothing but annoying relatives and boredom.That is until he meets the spunky Chetna Haldar, sister of the bride and an outcast much like himself. He is enamoured by her spirit and amused by her antics. Chetna Haldar can't wait for her sister's wedding to be done with. It is basically a tailor-made torture session from hell. For the brief moments she can get away from her family, she finds respite with Siddharth who actually listens to her for a change. What will happen to this strange bond when it is time to part ways? Is it a happy ending for our Black Sheep or are they saying goodbyes forever?(This is a spin-off of The Great Indian College Romance. You do not need to read that before diving into this one. Works just as well as a standalone. Minor spoilers only.)
My Paranormal Life

This is a book filled with my paranormal experiences.Ever since I was a kid, I've been able to see ghosts and other things, not as a normal day-to-day basis, but more than the average person.I've always known the paranormal existed, specifically ghosts.These are all true events.
𝘁𝗿𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗺𝗲- 𝗶 𝗮𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂                                    {𝗃.𝗁}

IN WHICH Nova Swan moves to Forks and changes the life of a blonde vampire. [Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part Two]Jasper Hale x fem!oc
my ma is famous ~ katie mccabe x child reader

in this story, ava (katie mccabe's daughter) gives you an insight into her life. these chapters are not linked to eachother, so you will get a different story each chapter.
Being Neighborly

What's worse than beginning your senior year in a new town? The reason for having to start over.After being relocated from her hometown of 17 years, Leila Garner must juggle the stress of a new school, new friends, new living arrangements, and her past. Things seem to be going well, or as well as you can expect a teenager to adjust to change, until she crosses paths with Tristan Johnson, resident mysterious bad boy. Also, her new neighbor.Will Leila be able to navigate her way through a new life, or will her recent past come back to haunt her? Moving forward isn't easy when you have a nosey neighbor to deal with..._____________________________Thank you so much to @FiftyShadesofTimmy for the beautiful cover ❤️*first few chapters of the sequel "Love Thy Neighbor" are out for those who binge read:)

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Disquiet Romance

Pernikahan seharusnya menjadi bagian yang paling membahagiakan bagi manusia. Saling berbagi senyuman dan tawa. Saling berbicara dengan penuh kelembutan.Saling berdampingan dalam setiap keadaan.Sampai maut memisahkan.Namun tidak bagi mereka, Ammar dan Umaira.Mereka mengalami kecelakaan tepat satu minggu setelah pernikahan mereka. Mobil mereka jatuh ke dalam jurang. Ammar dan Umaira mengalami luka cukup fatal di kepala. Darah yang bersimbah itu bukanlah rekayasa. Beberapa minggu berlalu, mereka divonis oleh dokter."Kamu... Amnesia."

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NJ Juvenile Drug Charges Lawyer | Experienced and Affordable Defense

I am lawyer at NJ Criminal Defense lawyer in Morristown, New Jersey. We are one stop consultancy service offer for you. Schedule a Free Consultation with a Paterson NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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Regresso às Origens

Madison é uma jovem empresária, de 23 anos, que construiu a sua empresa de design de interiores e arquitetura pela raiz. A única família que tem é o seu primo Jay, filho da sua falecida tia Stacy. Jay é o seu braço direito, tanto na empresa, como na vida pessoal.Quando um grande problema surge numa outra cidade do Estado da Califórnia, ela decide ir lá pessoalmente, deparando-se com o que pensava e dizia ser impossível.

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Why Me?

"I didn't do it, you got to believe me!" Innocent, something people thought I was.Tainted, something I am. Loved, something I wanted to be.What do you think?

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The Grandparents

The Tracy children don't get along with their mother's parents Lady Loran and Lord Benjamin Corbishaly their mother was Lady Lucile Corbishaly but dropped the 'lady' when she married Jeff. and this is what happens when Jeff invites his only nephew to stay and Lucile's parents find out: with all my work: 12+[COMPLETE]

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Iridiscencia intratable.

Hannibal ha visto el mismo techo de madera pintada desde hace algunos meses; con el cerebro más sobrehumanamente poderoso que ha existido y sin poder mover un solo musculo de su cuerpo voluntariamente, el hombre vegetante es raptado por un famoso inadaptado de la ciudad, apodado popularmente como Mohan y conocido por robar cuerpos de morgues o desahuciados postrados de hospitales, para luego de exactamente dos días desechar sus cadáveres completos, únicamente con la cavidad cerebral completamente vacía, perfectamente diseccionada, con un corte casi artesanal; y siempre con la costumbre de abandonarlos en sus hogares de nacimiento, vestidos con las mejores ropas y con el proceso de embalsamamiento estrictamente realizado. Pero en esta ocasión más de una semana ha pasado, y el cadáver de Hannibal aún no ha aparecido, los rumores que se riegan sobre las bocas de los ciudadanos suenan estrambóticos, aterradores ¿Que le espera a este desdichado hombre en las manos de el temido Mohan?

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Ice Pietro Maximoff / quicksilver

"You didn't see that coming?" Pietro smiled and kissed my lips"I'm ice cold Pietro, I would've never expected this." I blushed"You were never cold.""Pietro, I was ice cold, until you melted my heart, taking the coldness with it."He smiled and kissed my lips again.#17 out of 12k+ in Avengers, August 22, 2018#1 out of 1000+ in Quicksilver, August 21, 2018#1 out of 367+ in Pietro, November 29, 2018#1 out of 744+ in ultron, January 31, 2020#1 out of 470+ in Captain America, March 18, 2020#1 out of 1.3k in wanada, August 1, 2020#1 out of 1.3k in vision, October 12, 2020Pietro Maximoff / quicksilver fanficBased on Avengers: AoU.Contains spoilers.DISCLAIMER: I don't own marvel characters just Willow Darwin.

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A Wrench in the Gears [Damien Haas]

A single wrench in the gears changes it all for the two of them, and no one wanted to be stuck inside an elevator after all.That seemed to be the situation for Damien Haas and Jade Greene, stuck in an elevator in a stadium jam-packed with people who loved escalators. Little did they know that this one seemingly tiny mistake would change their lives forever.---Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Except Jade Greene and the plot, I suppose. Smosh is a-may-zing, and you guys are all my favorite pizza places. (2020)Started: 02-06-2020Completed: 03-16-2020Cover: Made in MS PowerPoint, photo credit to Smosh and Damien's Instagram2200+ words per chapterHighest rankings:#7 in damienhaas#45 in Smosh

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Arranged? (NaLu) (DISCONTINUED??)

A girl name Lucy Heartfilia grew up with no friends until her first day of college, she has made so many friends. Also there are fan girls that don't like Lucy because she hangs out Natsu a lot, Natsu is the most popular guy in school along with his 3 BEST friends. Some time after Natsu and Lucy meet, Natsu's parents talk to Natsu about something that has to do with Lucy and Lucy doesn't know. Natsu has until the end of the first year of college to do what his parents asked him to do. (Don't hate this is my first story and I suck at writing storys) I do not own fairy tail, Hiro Mashima does. SLOW UPDATES

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My Second Life || Connor Franta (Book One)

"Love was a great feeling and I never wanted it to end."When Olivia Rose Perry stumbles upon Connor Franta at Vidcon 2014, she doesn't know that she's in for the most memorable summer of her life.

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