Splintered Illusion

Splintered Illusion

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Category: Romance
BEWARE: the writing in this is from when I was younger, and is extremely cringey and cliche. I advise you not to read this because the writing in this is no longer a representation of my writing, and I think reflects very poorly on me. Instead, I'd love it if you tried out my newer book, which is in my opinion, much better than this. Just a suggestion, but either way, it's your choice. You've been warned.

They strived to make their love perfect. To make their love into an illusion of what could've been perfection. But they were beaten and bruised. And so was their love.

- #1 in DARK
- #1 in BOYXGIRL
- #8 in BULLY
- #18 in TEENLOVE
- #109 in GANGS
- #124 in GOODGIRL
- #810 in HIGHSCHOOL
- #910 in ROMANCE

- WARNING: mild language, violence and other dark themes ahead


- BOOK INSPIRED BY: @_Tiaraqueen_'s discontinued book, "The Untamed boy"

- COPYRIGHT © 2020 by @groovygia. All Rights Reserved

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