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AVATAR ~ Legends of Ceres

Ceres is Aang's older sister and his Protector. She has a sworn duty to protect the Avatar no matter what. However when Aang runs away from the the Southern Air Temple she chases after him, trying to get him back. But they were both caught in a horrible storm and were frozen in ice for 100 years. When they awoke they find themselves in a world of war. And with the help of two Watertribe companions Katara and Sokka. They fight to bring the world back to peace.
The Alpha's Bloodline [Completed ]

Alpha Anthony Gonzalez.Is a born royal, but the truth is hidden from the supernatural world. Or more so, he doesn't want anything to do with the title of a 'royal'. The title which had made his mother resent him when his rightful father had left loads of money after dumping her, just to keep his illegitimate child's existence remain unknown to the world, so that it doesn't tarnish the man's image.He endured more than enough in his love-life too, from watching his first love die in his arms who chose black destructive magic and then the women who he'd fallen for after, slipping away from his fingers due to his fault-or so he thinks.But when circumstances throw Anthony to stay in the castle under the same roof of the woman he's still in love with, the werewolf princess, Carla Rodriguez, who hates him with all her might. Things are bound to happen.To top it all, Anthony's father isn't the one he thought to be, his 'real' bloodline is far more secretive and ancient one could ever know of. . ._________________________________________▪︎¤ The credit for the picture in the cover belongs to the respective artist/photographer ¤▪︎
𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐎𝐕𝐄, face claims

❛ HAVE I SHOCKED YOU, LITTLE DOVE? ❜in which i give you historical face claims for characters from asoiaf / game of thrones.REQUESTS CLOSED.
The Three Musketeers (1844) (Completed)

The Three Musketeers (French: Les Trois Mousquetaires) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, which recounts the adventures of a young man named d'Artagnan after he leaves home to travel to Paris, to join the Musketeers of the Guard. D'Artagnan is not one of the musketeers of the title; those are his friends Athos, Porthos and Aramis, inseparable friends who live by the motto "all for one, one for all" ("tous pour un, un pour tous").
Wife, Please Stop Running Away!/Жена, пожалуйста прекрати убегать!

[Предупреждение: это BL (boys love). Если вы не хотите читать его, Пожалуйста, игнорируйте историю. 18 + имеет содержание для взрослых (NSFW). Пожалуйста, читайте на свой страх и риск.]Лин Миан Миан, 23 года, погиб в автокатастрофе. Он был переселен в мир, где есть три пола: мужской, женский и гер. Гер-мужчины, которые могут носить детей и рожать, как женщины. Чтобы отличать мужчин от геров, геры имеет эту красную метку, называемую киноварью, которая соответствует их плодовитости: чем темнее красный, тем выше способность зачать. Линь Миань Миань был перенесен в тело гэра со светлой киноварью. Его первый раз после переселения, Лин Миан Миан был атакован красивым извращенцем!- Давай сделаем это, детка. Пора делать детей, - незнакомец убрал пальцы, оставив широкий зазор к выходу.Lin Mian Mian:???!
Fantasy Forest (Yandere boys x reader)

A yandere story featuring a merman, a werewolf, and an elf. Every year a human is chosen from a local village to deliver messages to the forest king. The forest is full of monsters and mysteries and not all humans who enter return. This year you were chosen.
[Cổ đại - Trùng sinh] Đích nữ cuồng hậu

Truyện re-up nhằm mục đích đọc offline.Tác phẩm: CUỒNG HẬU TRỌNG SINHTác giả: Thủy Thanh ThiểnNguồn: https://phongtuyetlau.wordpress.com/VĂN ÁN: Đích nữ tướng môn, một khi phong hậu, uy phong thế nào. Không biết khi nào hạnh phúc ôn nhu liền biến thành bi kịch tàn khốc nhất. Phụ thân ngày thường tìm mọi cách yêu thương nàng, khi nàng cầu cứu lại làm như không thấy! ! Phu quân thề non hẹn biển nhẫn tâm giết đứa nhỏ trong bụng nàng! ! Thứ muội nàng một lòng thủ hộ cười duyên cướp đi phu quân của nàng, khiến nàng phải tìm chết! Nàng, Lạc Khuynh Hoàng, lấy máu thề, nếu có kiếp sau, nàng nhất định phải khiến bọn họ muốn sống không được, muốn chết không xong!!! Những gì họ đối với nàng, phải trả lại gấp trăm lần!! Phụ thân giả si tình? ! Vậy vạch trần mặt nạ hắn, làm hắn thân bại danh liệt! Thứ tỷ giả cao quý? ! Vậy vạch trần thân thế của nàng, khiến nàng xấu hổ vô cùng! Phu quân giả thâm tình? ! Vậy chọc thủng trò xiếc của hắn, cho hắn bất ngờ không kịp phòng bị! Thứ muội giả vờ yếu ớt? ! Vậy xé nát ngụy trang của nàng, để nàng để tiếng xấu muôn đời!
1: My Son Is A Reborn Villain ✔️

Disclaimer: This is not my story. Credits to the original author and translator. Author: 余书乔Chi Wen's short life has been bumpy. Ever since he could remember things, he was already living in the orphanage, growing up without a family. Later, he entered the entertainment industry and became a first generation movie emperor. However, he finally ended up in ruin. In the end, Chi Wen jumped off the top floor of a building, but did not expect that he would get a chance to open his eyes again... Back to his infancy, Chi Wen coldly looked at the woman who was laughing stupidly in front of him. He waited, waited until the moment she finally abandoned him....Fu Yuanruo was transmigrated as the cannon fodder in the novel 'First Generation Movie Empress.' When she first transmigrated, it happened to be the plot point when the malicious cannon fodder tried to frame the female lead for the last time. After that, her evil deeds would be exposed. The whole netizens mocked, and her father angrily drove her out of the house. A former wealthy and pampered young miss fall into the mud and finally died after accidentally falling into the water... Because of the high popularity of the original book, the author used the daughter of the original female and male lead as the protagonist for the second book. The villain who had been against the main couple of this sequel also met his just end and died tragically. After his death, the female lead let out some vague words that made readers speculated that this villain was the illegitimate son of the prequel's cannon fodder. After recalling the plot, Fu Yuanruo stared at the pregnancy report in her hand. She was torn: give birth or not?

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AVATAR ~ Legends of Ceres

Ceres is Aang's older sister and his Protector. She has a sworn duty to protect the Avatar no matter what. However when Aang runs away from the the Southern Air Temple she chases after him, trying to get him back. But they were both caught in a horrible storm and were frozen in ice for 100 years. When they awoke they find themselves in a world of war. And with the help of two Watertribe companions Katara and Sokka. They fight to bring the world back to peace.

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Song Lyrics

Because it feels nice to be in sync with the singer.\\Requests: Closed//Sorry if some of the Vocaloid songs won't play, YouTubeRED is copyrighting every company that won't sign up with them...

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BNHA Magazine || Vol. 0

The first (practice) volume of the BNHA Magazine series! There will be a volume per month. More information such as what to expect from these magazines as well as magazine position information can be found here. Thank you for viewing!

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Draco loves Natalia. Natalia loves Draco. Both fifth year slytherins write letters to each other confessing their feelings, only neither actually send them. All they want is to be together, yet they dont know that the other person loves them back. DRACO FANFIC

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SELCOUTH ⟶ Harry Potter ( ON HOLD)

Book 1: NepentheBook 2: HalcyonBook 3 : SelcouthMagic has always played an intricate role in the life of Harry Potter. He is the Boy Who Lived, a title hovering his head since the time he was one year old, marked by a lightning bolt scar. He learns that a dark wizard targeted him as a baby, although he still doesn't know the true reason why. What he does know, is that he survived and wherever he goes, people just want to catch a glimpse of his forehead. He's famous in the wizarding world, although lives quite a normal life at home with his parents and siblings for the most part.But the time has come for Harry to start his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, alongside his best friends, and it seems the pressure is on to live up to the greatness placed on him during a time he can't even remember. However, it shouldn't be a problem for Harry to find his next adventure when the castle holds a three-headed dog and plenty of secrets for him to uncover.

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Alone #4: The Dynasty of Truth

The Dynasty has always been alone. Ravenflight, Ebonywind and Amberclaw have found the mysterious mountain cats. They introduce themselves as the Dynasty of Truth, a group of loners who have lived in peace for seasons. However, when Ravenflight receives a vision, their leader, Autumn, ignores it.Ravenflight takes the lead. The three leave in the dead of the night, and Ravenflight finds out what she has unknowingly done. They have walked right into evil's hands, leading them to the Dynasty, and perhaps the most powerful and evillest cat in history has found a way back into the living world.

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